Tuesday’s Trench Truth and Invitation too

Welcome to Tuesday’s Trench Truth and Coffee Hour @ Chicklit Power and Trench Classes United. I’m excited to share a true story with you that really drives this particular trench truth today. Grab your coffee and come on in.

Last Sunday, we were invited to lunch with a couple we’d been trying to connect with for weeks. You know how that is; making the time to take the time is…well, challenging when you have a lot going on, right? But finally, it happened and the funny thing about it is it wasn’t planned; it was spontaneous! She gave me the time and the place, and just like that, it was set.

As we were driving we realized they were right in front of us – they have a really fun, fast car – so when we pulled into the parking lot, it was simultaneously and I was able to see him go around to her side, and not only open her door, but take her hand and help her out! Who knows, maybe because of how low the car sits J 🙂 J but it was still so sweet to watch, especially considering he’s a pretty big guy and she’s pretty tiny.

Anyway, as soon as I got closer I felt her tension – body language says so much, doesn’t it? And as we made our way up the stairs, she just blurted out, “Can I talk to you for just a moment?”
“Sure.” So we went back down the stairs as our husbands went inside.  With the first stair we went down, she began to share what was bothering her. It had everything to do with one of her adult children, and she was so frightened, so upset, and so much so she was shaking. Have you ever been there? I listened to her and when she was done, I gave her a couple of solutions and decided it would be good to share those with her daughter. She dialed her daughter’s number and I got to talk with her long enough to suggest she not do what she was going to do and then, POOF, she was gone due to a bad signal on our end! Talk about helpless!

When we went back up inside, I noticed it was hard for her to concentrate. She was having a very hard time just letting go and letting God. I looked right at her and just said “God grant me the serenity…”

She smiled…but only for a second. It was really difficult for her to just let go and let God. It was obvious that her well-being was wrapped up in the well-being of her adult children in such a way that borders on unhealthy and interrupts her own sanity and peace of mind.

How do we work through that? How do we get to a point where our own well-being is not dependent upon others’ well-being?

Here’s one solution: We usually feel “let down” because we need to “put down” our expectations! Join us to learn healthy relational expectations that fuel us with hope and free us from anger.


Looking forward to working with you

P.S. Join us for Coffee Hour live on Thursday at 10:00 PST! Let’s talk about Step 5 in Loving the Unlovable(s) in your life!


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