Tuesday’s Trench Truth and Invitation too

Welcome to Tuesday’s Trench Truth and Invitation too. I’m so glad you could join us today. Grab your coffee and let’s go share a moment

Currently in our Trench Class we are discussing despair; talk about a deep subject! From despair, we can see where desperate comes from, and how closely related it is to depression. Now, don’t go leaving our time together just because it got a bit serious. J The truth is we’ve all felt desperate, a sense of despair at some point in our lives for whatever reason. And then there are those that have a propensity toward depression itself.

I myself can empathize with swimming in the pit of despair, and I know what it takes to pull me out. This trench truth I’d like to share with you is like a flashlight in the darkness of despair and depression and I pray it shines just as bright for you or anyone you know who struggles with despair/depression:
Despair is what is going on inside someone. It isn’t what one thinks about the situation or circumstance, a particular trial or tragedy; it’s what they think about themselves while ‘in’ that situation, circumstance, trial or tragedy!

If you know of anyone who struggles with depression, perhaps it’s time to reach out and lift them up with an encouraging word about their value! Nothing speaks louder into a person’ life than a statement that validates their value!

Another thing that helps is laugher. Maybe you can invite them to our Squeaky Clean Comedy Night fundraiser! Here’s the info:

Loving laughter,


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