Wednesday’s Word

It was Christmas Eve, and I had stepped outside to give my four-legged baby a
bathroom break…without a leash. The older she gets, the more skittish she
becomes so I’m not exactly sure why I did this, and not just once, but several
times that evening. Do you ever do something over and over and ask yourself,
why am I making it so difficult? Oh, I have, and too many times to count. Thanks
for joining me for Coffee Hour with Chicklit Power and Wednesday’s Word with
Trench Classes United. Come on in.
At this time it was so dark out that the only light was the stars’ twinkling and a
street lamp off in the distance. I followed her closely and soon she blended into
the dark. My heart raced as I struggled to focus in on her little self.
When I went out to the next time, something struck me: Why don’t I put her leash
on and then I won’t have this problem? As I’m writing this I’m almost
embarrassed to share how much more difficult I made this easy task of walking
my little four-legged fur baby, how I could have turned a little event into a huge
I grabbed her leash, you know, the kind that stretches from here to at least a
hundred yards and allows them to think they’re not on one? I put it on her and
lifted her up and out of the truck and set her down.

She began to prance around, looking adorable in her Christmas dress and
obviously feeling free from my hovering. In that moment, a thought went dancing
through my head and nestled in my soul: How easy it is to complicate things! I
mean, really! All I needed to do was put her leash on each time and I wouldn’t
have had to be so anxious during our potty breaks outside. In fact, I could have
really enjoyed the beauty of the silent stars and quietness of the Eve before the
day we celebrate our Savior’s birth.
The next thing I thought of is my relationship with God. Sometimes I’m running so
fast in my physical walk that I may blend in with the dark, just like my little fur
baby, in my spiritual walk. And when His Spirit comes up and over me, it may
startle me but it’s a reminder He’s always there to protect me, just like I protect
my four-legged child.
The solution to any distance from God is actually as simple as putting His leash of
love back on. When we do, our life becomes a lot less complicated and makes a
lot more sense. See, that leash is analogous to His Spirit. When we draw near to
Him, He draws nearer to us. [James 4:8]
Oh, Coffee Hour Friend, can’t you just picture the simple act of putting His leash
on and breathing a sigh of relief because of the protection and simplification it
offers? We just need to practice His presence, invite Him wherever we go,
whatever time of day and His Spirit will work like that leash, leading, guiding and
protecting us wherever we go.
Pray this with me: Yes, Father, please unleash your love upon me and may the
leash of your powerfully gentle Spirit keep me by your side come whatever may in







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