Wednesday’s Word


save (someone) from a dangerous or distressing situation.
Save from danger, save the life of, come to the aid of

Rescuing requires a cry for help! As Nancy shared her near-death experience on
the 210 Freeway the previous Saturday night to our connection group, I literally
could feel the fear she endured during those moments leading up to her
unbelievable rescue!

Thanks for joining me for Coffee Hour with Chicklit Power and Wednesday’s Word
with Trench Classes United. Grab your coffee, your Strand of Faith and let’s go tie
some knots in our God-given gift of faith.
As she recounted the details of sitting in the dark, in her car on the freeway,
trying her hardest not to panic as cars went whizzing by her — without hitting her,
two of our other friends began to share similar circumstances. The sense of a fear
that cripples you and renders you frozen was so present for all of us that a
stranger coming in could have probably touched it. It lingered as we related with
Nancy and others who shared similar circumstances.
The ever-so- powerful truth about each of their stories is that they knew they had
each been rescued. Each of them had cried out to their Rescuer, and He rescued
Have you ever been rescued? Psalm 107: 1-32 reveals that every one of us has
been rescued from something at sometime in our lives.
Maybe it wasn’t from such a near-death experience, but if we were to sit still for a
moment and think about it, our Father has rescued us from something, someone
and maybe even from ourselves at least a time or two. The more important
question to ask is why, when we get in a bind, or life hands us an unexpected
curveball do we duck and hide from Him who has rescued us time after time
instead of crying out for help? Do we really realize He’s ready to rescue 24/7? He
doesn’t have voicemail; you can cry out directly to Him!
I don’t know about you, Coffee Hour Friend, but I’m thinking I need to continue to
remember those times He’s rescued me, beginning with that first encounter when
I realized I had a Rescuer that would never, ever leave me or forsake me
[Hebrews 13:5]. Can I encourage you to sit and be still for a few moments, look
back to those times of rescuing…and thank Him for His provision of protection!










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