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All that Concerns Me

Psalm 138:8:” The Lord will perfect that which concerns me; Your mercy, Oh, Lord, endures forever. Do not forsake the works of Your hands.”

Welcome to Wednesday’s Word and Coffee Hour @ Chicklit Power and Trench Classes United. I’m so glad you could join me for your break. Grab your coffee, and don’t forget your strand of faith because hopefully you and I will tie some knots today in an effort to keep our faith intact when life gets tough!

Have you ever lent someone something and then never gotten it back? Or if you did get it back, it certainly wasn’t in the condition you lent it? Normally stuff like that doesn’t bother me. Seriously, I don’t keep tabs or score like that. But – yes, this is a big one J – years ago I had lent a treadmill out to someone who really wanted to get back in shape and since I had become an outdoor runner, I thought I’d let her borrow mine. I was completely happy to do it.

Fast-forward to the last several months: I can’t believe the difference a few years make…especially on the body! I’m like this chronic complainer every time I go to get up, much less do something active, I creak and cringe as I hear my knee pop, feel my back twinge, among other aches and pains. So obviously, it is not longer a good choice to run outside unless I want to become an invalid! But I don’t want to stop running, so I have found myself whining about my treadmill that I had lent out all those years ago, with no trace of it ever returning, not to mention any communication with the person I lent it to!

Needless to say, a treadmill has appeared on my wish list and I told myself as soon as the taxes are paid, I was going to start shopping for one. My husband has been looking on Yucaipa Buy Sell, and other fun finds to locate one. It’s amazing how many people use them for clothing racks! J

Well, last week our neighbor, whom we truly love, came over to tell us she had just put an offer in on a home and she was going to be moving. I was stunned into sadness, but happy for her. She was so excited to be going where she’s going and starting a new adventure. We sat down and she began to show us pictures, and then admitted she had already started packing. This was really happening!  I got up to do something to hide my envy, but what happened next was so unexpected that it made me sit right back down. She asked if I wanted her treadmill! My mouth jarred open and could have caught a tennis ball, let alone anything else that wanted to fly in thereJ I didn’t even know she had a treadmill!

“George asked me if I wanted to sell it a few months ago when he was over helping me with something and I told him I’d think about it; I wasn’t quite ready to sell it.”

My mouth was still open. Now I’m even more humbled at my husband’s sweet heart always looking out for me.

“It’s sort of old,” she continued.

I stopped her, realizing I hadn’t said anything because I had been stunned into silence, and just said “I don’t care how old it is.” I told her how I had wanted to get one for quite some time but had to wait until I paid off our taxes. I literally was so overwhelmingly stunned and humbled by God’s provision with my neighbor’s decision to just give her treadmill away, just as easy as I had lent mine out all those years ago!

But here’s where it gets crazy: My husband went over to get it two days later and brought it home, and I didn’t get on it until two days later and when I did…oh, my good and gracious Jesus, I was immediately brought to tears…humble, happy tears. You see, God didn’t just return what the locusts took; He out-gave what I lent all those years ago. I had just a basic treadmill but this one is not just your run-of-the mill basic treadmill; it is a Mercedes! It has fans if you get too hot, a cushioned pad so you actually feel as though you are running on clouds —  not that I know what that feels like; I can only imagine. But there’s no impact! It feels so, so, so good! There are so many buttons and knobs and gadgets that I will take me months to learn all of its extras!

I just love this truth: God is concerned about everything that concerns us! And when He’s the one repaying, you get more than you lent! The sky is the limit! I am convinced that He cares about every single detail of our lives! Coffee Hour Friend, what needs to be repaid in your life?

Running with Jesus,


P.S. Join me for #Coffeehour Live @ 10:00 PST today!

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