The 12 Days of Purpose-From Coffee Hour @ Chicklit Power

The Twelve Days of Purpose

For a Purposeful Christmas


Coffee Hour @ Chicklit Power...

Coffee Hour @ Chicklit Power…

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Thanks so much for stopping by and turning it all off for a few! I know it can be incredibly challenging, especially around this season. Grab your coffee and come on in. I’d like to share with you something that one of our CPM Board Members wrote after attending our Living & Loving on Purpose workshop in November.

“As I was sitting here, at the CPM Event, thinking on the Lord and the Word, it came to my mind that ‘purpose’ kept coming into my head. Purpose, such a simple word that incorporates so much. The motivator in our lives here in this earthly realm, as well as the spiritual realm that truly molds our existence is purpose.”

“My personal thoughts on my purposes, because there are many, is that the center core of it all in my life is “LOVE.” Yep, that’s the reason for the force of my day-to-day existence. It is the reason that God gave me life, the reason He saved me, the reason that I am not to keep it but to give it away daily in any way that I can.”

“His love for me is my purpose, not my love for Him. What does that sound like? Blasphemy? No. If we don’t recognize the absolute fact that He loves us and we are His beloved we would be unable to be effective in doing much of anything in this world.”

“The living being that we are is His gift to us and the ability to display love is beyond my understanding. It’s much more than a gift, more than a blessing, more than I can comprehend in my heart and mind. Love is my ‘purpose.’ It shapes who I am as a sheep in the sheepfold, it is what renews and expands every time I give it away. Amazing, it’s the loaves and fishes example isn’t it? You give what you have and it multiplies, and you have more left over to give again. The more you give, the more it is added to your heart.”

“So, I conclude that for myself, my family, my friends, my church family, my ministry of promoting the Gospel: of reaching out to the hopeless, the helpless, the hurting hearts, the ones who have yet to come to Salvation through Jesus Christ, all of who I am is centered and established and rooted and grounded in the Love of God. Love, the reason I am His. His arms holding me in love is mine to give away freely! Wow, what a concept!”

So what’s your purpose? What does it look like? Join us tomorrow for Step 1 in the 12 Steps/Days of Purpose.

Love and laughter,


Nanny                                                                                                                                             Evinda

Papa & Nana Holds!

Papa & Nana Holds!

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One Response to “The 12 Days of Purpose-From Coffee Hour @ Chicklit Power”

  1. Tammy Scissons says:

    Love you Nanny. I thank God for you and your purpose always!
    In Christ’s Love, Tam