12 Steps to Purpose to take into the New Year! From Coffee Hour @ Chicklit Power

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Coffee Hour @ Chicklit Power...

Coffee Hour @ Chicklit Power…

Happy New Year! Are you seat-belted in for the ride ahead? I am. Hopefully these steps of purpose will help us stay seat-belted and in the moments of our purpose. Grab your coffee and join me for Step 10.

Step 10: Continue to take moral/personal inventory and when wrong be quick to admit it.

I have to say that this step can be so frustratingly freeing, if that makes sense, but freedom does come and oh, what a feeling! This step is a key that opens the door to so much moral character growth. This has become not just a habit for me but a way of life. Let me share with you how I do this step and how it comes alive in my life.

Each morning, I begin my journaling process by rewinding the events of the day before, things that I am thankful for. I have to list at least three things. That process leads me to a moral/personal inventory of the day before of things I could have done differently, for example, how I spoke to someone, or how I treated someone, how impatient I was. You get the idea, I’m sure. I then pray about those very convictions. Doing this step has helped me to become quicker to admit it, although I’m not as strong as I know I could be in admitting I’m wrong while in the heat of the moment. Does that make sense?

Familiarity leads to habitualness and that can work for both good and not-so-good. So I guess what I’m trying to say is if you begin to do a moral/personal inventory as part of your quiet time with Him, it becomes easier to just admit when you are wrong and move on, wasting less time while keeping your heart clean and your convictions clearer.

What we need to realize is this is another area where He can grow us because how we respond to the realization of being wrong shapes our character. There is no shame in admitting we were wrong, and/or apologizing but for some reason this is most difficult with my husband.

Check out what Proverbs 6:16-19 says: “These six things the Lord hates. Yes,

the Book with ALL the answers!

the Book with ALL the answers!

seven are an abomination to Him: Oppressors, perverse people, haughtiness, lying, murdering, scheming, eagerness to do evil, a false witness and sowing discord”!

If you are married, do you find this a challenge with your spouse? Oh, how His Word splashes perspective while giving me strength to do what’s right!

So when it comes to choosing to do a moral/personal inventory, remember these things:

• Take responsibility for your irresponsibility! (June Hunt)

• A moral/personal inventory is a heart softener. The softer the heart, the quicker we can admit our wrongdoings. Admission brings freedom, and freedom stirs up joy!

• Pride interferes with our moral/personal inventory. Lay down pride and let Him reside.

The opposite of pride is humility! Don’t let pride fuel your actions and rip you off of the freedom that comes when doing this step. Remember, what’s in the middle of P-r-I-d-e?

Pride takes an ember and turns it into a raging fire; Step 10 is the water to put that fire out. And one who stands by his/her convictions stands on higher ground.

Join me tomorrow for Step 11.


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