How 2 Mend a Broken Heart-From Coffee Hour @ Chicklit Power

Coffee Hour @ Chicklit Power...

Coffee Hour @ Chicklit Power…

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Psalm 147:3

He heals the brokenhearted and binds up their wounds!

It’s great to be with you for Coffee Hour, friend. I just love sharing and digging for the diamonds of wisdom and understanding as we use our Weapon of Warfare when someone hurts our heart. Grab whatever you’re having and come on in. I want to get to our next word-dig!

I remember when I finally finished my first fiction novel and a marketing company began to promote it after reading it – ye, gads, that was before the conceptual editing, too – and they actually sub-titled it “Shattered Heart.” When I read that title, it did something, or I should say I felt something, like a tug on my heart that pulled on a couple of different emotions that I wasn’t so sure I liked. I mean who wants to read a book with such a depressing title?

Anyway, we often use the word broken when referring to a wounded heart so I thought it would be fun to dig and look for diamonds in this painfully common word, so grab your shovels and let’s begin.

The word translates in Hebrew to “shabar” and is defined as: “to burst (literally or figuratively) break, destroy, to break in pieces” – there’s that shattered heart! – “torn, to crush.” And then the concordance explains that “figuratively it describes a shattered heart or emotion.”

This digging reveals — in my opinion — that God desires to heal us physically, emotionally and spiritually and is concerned about all that hurts us. Let’s go on to the word that actually caught my attention first while in the midst of my shattered, broken heart: binds. Grab your shovels again and follow me.

Okay, so “binds” is not in here so we’ll have to settle for bind – it’s got to mean the same thing, right?

Hmm, there are a few meanings here! There’s “bind the breastplate,” “bind his soul,” “bind herself by a bond,” “bind them for a sign”… I don’t know about you, but this is getting interesting. I can’t believe there’s so much to dig through, so many discoveries to make in such a little verse among hundreds of thousands in the Big Book! “Bind” was used a lot in the Old Testament so bear with me because something tells me this dig will pay off with an incredible find. Nothing like the blind leading the blind here, but bind your faith and keep your shovel in hand, too!

Oh, my, there’s “bind him to afflict him”; I don’t think that’s the one we want! We’re looking for healing, right? 🙂 “Bind me with seven new ropes,” nope! Ooh, here’s a little diamond: “bind it as a crown to me.” (Job 31:36) Let’s check that one out! Hmm, “to lace fast,” do you remember one of the first definitions of “heal”? It said figuratively, to stitch.

Okay, hang in there with me while we look through a couple more and I’m certain a connection will be made and another knot can be tied in our strand of faith.

“Bind the sweet influences:” (Job 38:31) Okay, this dig is getting pretty deep! We must remember this, though as we go off on these detours: The deeper the dig, the bigger the diamond, and the bigger the diamond, the brighter the illumination on/in our journey.

So physically, bind means “to tie, (gird, confine) in love”!

Oh, friend, did you see it? We still have a few places to look for more clarity on this word, but think about it: Who else can bind up our wounds with love but our Heavenly Physician? No matter what the wound, healing love awaits!
We will finish this one next week – we better because it will be time for our June WOW! – but join me tomorrow for our Power Friday!

With a mending heart,

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