The 7 Sacrifices to Joy from Coffee Hour @ Chicklit Power

Coffee Hour @ Chicklit Power...

Coffee Hour @ Chicklit Power…

EL pen Logo with heartHappy day to you and thanks so much for joining me for more of the Seven Sacrifices to Joy! Did you ever think in your wildest dreams that God would use so many principles to teach us about joy? I had no idea, seriously! And then to discover that many of these ingredients to a healthy life — joy, righteousness and communication — are actually considered sacrifices! Wow, I am humbled by all He continues to teach me despite me, encouraging me toward less of me and more of Him! Grab your coffee and let’s hope and pray we can get through the final part of this third sacrifice, the sacrifice of communication.

So far we’ve been able to come up with a few diamonds in our digging through some scriptures about communication, which actually translates to fellowship. We’ve learned much from one of the most prolific communicators in the Word of God, Paul. Come with me to discover another huge benefit of fellowship/communication and how we can best utilize it as a sacrifice in our daily walk with our Keynote Speaker.

God knew we would have difficulty in this area of communication and fellowship that brings unity, so He sent us a Helper, his Holy Spirit. He longs for us to communicate with Him; that’s without a doubt! But He doesn’t leave us without help and that humbles me, knowing He loves us enough to not let us figure this stuff out on our own. What a loving God we have!

We are told in Romans 8:26 that when we do not know what to do or what to say, the Spirit will intercede for us! This goes for anything, anytime, anyhow and anywhere! And that’s not just for His benefit, but for ours. It’s to help us stay in fellowship with Him, first and foremost, and then when we step outside of our personal relationship with Christ, and seek that fellowship with like-minded followers of Christ, we are told in 2nd Corinthians 13:14 that we also share together a fellowship with the Holy Spirit!

The Holy Spirit is the Super Glue for unity in the church. If we relied more on His Spirit to guide us in our interactions, there would be more unity among the diversity creating harmony that is ever so pleasing to His ears.

Paul tells us in Philippians 2:1-4 that without the Helper, unity in the church would not be possible! We are to lean on the Spirit, not our own understanding, but how many of us forget this when we are wounded by someone within the church? And trust me when I say, I’m talking to myself here. We must be led by His spirit and not our flesh to maintain that unity for that is true fellowship. When we are out of unity with any member of His church, then we are out of alignment with Him, the one we are engaged to, the One we are waiting for.

Don’t misunderstand me; there are those people whom you can never please, who will never appear on your list of your top ten friends, family members, et cetera, but when you think of them, are you keeping a list of all the ways they’ve offended you? Is there a little tug on your heart when you merely think about them, a little sting of bitter seeping into the soul? We need His Spirit to reveal the answers to these questions and then be the healer of the hurt!

Oh that we would be in fellowship with the Spirit so we may be guided by the Spirit and not our flesh; that we would be a part of the solution, and not part of the problem, creating true unity in the church, protecting our relationship with our Bridegroom, the One who we are waiting for, the one we are engaged to, and hopefully with!

So I almost made it to the final part of the sacrifice of communication! Next week; I promise! Join me tomorrow for a fun new series based on the book, Not a Fan, by Kyle Idleman!

Koinonia to you, my coffee hour friend,

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