Seven Sacrifices to Joy

Coffee Hour @ Chicklit Power...

Coffee Hour @ Chicklit Power…

EL pen Logo with heartI so enjoy our coffee hours and am so thankful that there is you to share this information with. Having coffee with you and sharing from my heart to yours really does help me to process it more deeply, so as to plant it in my heart and thereafter, allow it to bear fruit in my life. That’s my prayer for you, too; that what we learn in our search for joy will encourage you to keep going. I am discovering that while there is joy at every corner, there are things you must go through to get there! Grab your coffee and your Red SOF and let’s get back to our digging for understanding about this word communication.

Oh, how I’m beginning to realize how important communication is to God, that He created this tool as a gift for us and to use with us! In fact, as I sit here thinking about this, I think His greatest form of communication to us, for us, and with us is His love letters, His instructions and promises throughout the New York’s Best Seller – oh, the world’s Best Seller, the Bible! It is full of how-to’s for successful communication, what not to do in order to protect communication; it’s for the husband, the wife, the mother and/or father, the sibling, the relative, the boyfriend and the girlfriend, and even the friend. His instructions for communication are for everyone! He leaves no one out!

As I was going over what we talked about in our last coffee hour, my deep-seeded curiosity wanted to know, what does the root word of “koinoneo” and “koinonia” mean? Where did it come from? Whew, put your seat belts on, because here we go!

I just knew it; those two are incredibly closely related and I’m thinking you can’t have one without the other. The prefix of both words will explain what I mean:

The Greek root “koin” has a base meaning of “common,” out of which a number of facets of meaning sparkle. For example, in the Apocrypha, written and produced during the two centuries between the Old and New Testament, the Greek root “koin” was used to express ideas such as friendship and table fellowship. Interesting … could this be why we usually fellowship with food? And isn’t some of our best communication around the dinner table?

“Koin” was also often used to describe the sense of bonding and closeness which the members of social, religious, and philosophical organizations shared with one another. See, God did intend for us to learn the dos and don’ts of communication and I believe the one He used the most to emphasize the importance of communication is Paul. I say is, even though Paul is no more, because the Word is alive and active, useful for teaching from generation to generation. Oh, I so get off on a tangent about how the Word comes to life but I won’t – well, let me just say this one thing: If you read Psalm 15 today, and a year from now read it again, I can guarantee you that it will speak something different to your soul compared to the first time you read it. His Word is alive and active!

See, I think that our Keynote Speaker is God, our Father, who passed the torch, or microphone to His Son, Jesus, who became not only the Keynote Speaker, but our Mediator, Who then spoke through the likes of the apostles, disciples and prophets and Who is still speaking to us through these guest speakers of the Bible today. See, our Keynote Speaker understands the value of communication because He came to earth in human form and he relied on constant communication with His Father to see His purpose for coming to earth through.

Why do we make communication a mountain that we don’t climb or the elephant we choose to walk around or a switch we never turn on? The number one reason there are so many divorces is because of a lack of communication. I’m thinking that a lack of communication leaves all kinds of room for misinterpretation and misinterpretation partners with pride and leaves little room for clarification! Hmmm, I’m just thinking out loud.

What do you believe the sacrifice of communication is? Join me for more of the Sacrifice of Communication tomorrow!

All ears …

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