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What you Give is What you Get!

“Then He said to them, ‘Take heed what you hear. With the same measure you use, it will be measured to you, and to you who hear, more will be given.’” Mark 4:24

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So the other day I happened to be thumbing through my Facebook feed, and I just so happened upon a live conversation about social media, the pros and cons of it. I tapped on the person’s self-made live talk about it and listened to her every word. She had some really good things to say and thereafter she opened it up for comments. She wanted to dialogue with anyone who was willing to get some feedback and some possible guidance.

The funny thing is for several days, there had been a bit of a tug on my heart every now and again about how much time I spend on social media (all forms) and especially how much time I spend trying to overcome a higher level in the Jewel Saga game on my phone! I’m going to put myself out there and say, I’m addicted! It’s been a great distraction to keep my mind buys while waiting in line at the store, post office, in a drive-thru…I could go on…but I think the worst one is at night, when I’m sitting side by side with my husband and completely ignoring him as my thumb scrolls and my mind searches and there he sits. All the while I tell myself, I just need this time to unwind. The funny things is I can get so involved in a game of Jewel Saga, so intense that I throw off this body message that pretty much says stay away, especially if I can’t figure the game out or hit enough jewels to go to the next level!

After listening to this person’s vlog (video blog) and then participating in a really cool conversation with several people, I’ve come to the conclusion for me that I am out of balance. All forms of social media have their good points and their not so good points; it’s what you make with each of them. I know I hate hearing about what’s going on in my son’s family on Facebook when I haven’t heard from them, so that’s a zinger…for me. Sure, social media has connected people, and re-connected old friends…and destroyed marriages, and become a platform to argue opinions and create animosity if not enough “likes” appear on a post.

And yet, it is said in scripture that everyone will have heard of the Good News,

We’ve become so socially inundated when we should be getting spiritually saturated! How do we balance it all? The pull is strong, isn’t it?

What if you and me were to just ask ourselves to very simple questions, the answers which would reveal some powerful truths:
1. What am I needing/searching for on Social Media that I can’t get somewhere else, for example, time spent in prayer?
2. What if I were to spend at least half as much time in His Word as I do on Social Media, where would that put me spiritually?

As for me, I’ve got some work to do and it won’t be on social media!



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