A Sad & Ugly Truth Turned Beautiful-From Coffee Hour @ Chicklit Power

Welcome to Coffee Hour @ Chicklit Power and thank you for joining me for more giggles as we recognize symptoms of menopause and find ways to overcome them on our way to discovering the truth that I learned from the opportunity to speak at this luncheon. Grab your coffee and come on in. We’re on symptom number 7. 🙂

7. You know you’re in menopause when: you begin making a list of your lists because you keep experiencing brain toots and fuzzy thoughts which cripple your concentration. Crippled concentration causes major frustration and these brain toots are definitely adding to my list of most embarrassing moments. Have no fear; another menopausal symptom is here!


Pause is part of this word for a very specific reason;

it’s meant to help us through this most precarious season.

To pause means to linger, to stop temporarily,

this will prevent us from adding things unnecessarily.

So when your brain toots, and your thoughts go out the door,

just grace yourself out, and keep that broom parked on the floor.

 8. You know you’re in menopause when: You go from firm to fluffy, or fluffy to fluffier, especially around the middle! Have no fear; another menopausal symptom is here!


As we get older things begin to change and shift;

gravity begins to take over, and it’s more than our spirits that need a lift.

Certain body parts begin to sag and some just change direction,

gone forever are the dreams of your ideal shapely perfection.

Maybe it’s time to go out and do a little exercise;

maybe the activity will shift it all around a whole size.

If “ex” means the past and “cise” means to cut,

I’m thinking exercise could get us out of that rut.

So pick up the pace, do some dancing too,

just leave the broom at home, no matter what you do.

 9. You know you’re in menopause when: You get up from sitting but only after it takes more than normal effort to get up and then you stop suddenly, wondering if there’s a ghost in the house making all the creaking noises. But then your husband says, “You’re starting to sound like Rice Krispies. Maybe we should pour some milk over that snap, crackle and pop coming from your old joints, honey.” And I thought it was from all my car accidents. Have no fear; another menopausal symptom is here:


The benefits from staying physically active

are way too many to explain.

You can do anything from walking your dog

to walking in the rain.

You can dance like no one’s watching,

let your inhibitions go,

burn up all those calories,

and you’ll begin to glow.

There’s nothing quite like an endorphin high

that comes from rigorous activity,

because exercise is God’s way

of keeping us fit and healthy.

Remember a broom ride doesn’t constitute

calorie burning activity.

It only shows you have chosen

the road of negativity.

So keep that broom parked

and exercise instead,

and soon visions of broom rides

will fly right out of your head.

10. You know you’re in menopause when: Aunt Flo doesn’t show up and then after months of not hearing from her, bam! There she be, showing up like a rude and uninvited guest, obviously ticked for not being invited sooner! Have no fear; another menopausal symptom is here


Irregular cycles are utter frustration

and yet there’s a bright side to it;

you save money on the canoes with wings

and it’s now more comfortable to bend and sit.

It’s not like you and Flo

were happy with each other.

Most of the time she was annoying

as any little brother.

Sometimes she could be really mean,

causing cramping and headaches too,

so when she stops coming by,

send her the broom as a gift from you.

Okay. So that’s all the symptoms and solutions. Join me tomorrow as I share the revelation of a truth that was actually sad and ugly at first but is now quite beautiful.




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