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Welcome to Coffee Hour @ Chicklit Power, and welcome back to “Cabo Highlights.” Grab your coffee and come on in.

Once we landed in Los Cabos, the timeshare vultures swarmed around us and when we finally remembered we were supposed to go straight outside and wait for our shuttle, we had already fallen into a trap that kept us listening about the newest deals in Cabo. A light went on in my head as the instructions to go straight outside after going through customs flashed through my memory and suddenly I was pulling George away from the counter. “We’ve gotta go.“ George looked at me in a way that confirmed I was behaving rudely, but I persisted. “I just remembered, we’re supposed to go straight outside.“ I tucked my arm in his and we headed outside.

Once outside, we met another couple who had just survived the timeshare vultures, too, and they just so happened to be going to the Playa Grande, too. We struck up a conversation and by the time Debbie and I sat next to each other on the Shuttle, we were deep in conversation and George and her husband Keith were talking, too. She was my first angel, the first sign that He was definitely leading us on this trip. They are from Fargo, North Dakota. He’s a doctor; she’s a retired nurse and they are members of a large Lutheran church. The more we talked, the more excited we both became about our paths crossing, and when I mentioned the book signing, she agreed to be there. Her enthusiasm was just what I needed to keep me going forward. She was a sign for me for sure! 🙂

When we got to our resort, we were greeted by the same bellman, Jesus, not to be confused with The Savior. 🙂 It was so good to see his familiar face. While we were waiting for him to mark our luggage with our room number, we met another nice couple, Fred and Pat. Again, divine intervention took over and filled me with boldness, and I invited her to the book signing as well. Her face lit up with excitement and she promised she’d be there, too. She told me they had friends flying in on Tuesday and she’d try and get her to come as well. My head was buzzing with excitement as I realized that was two signs directing me in my Cabo journey.

The third sign came when we found Ms. De La Torre, the head of the concierge department and business department. I don’t know what I was expecting, maybe for her to tell me there had been some mistake or something, but she was also very excited about the book signing and went and got the manager so she could introduce us to him. He greeted me by name, “Ahhh, Ms. Lepins, it is very nice to meet you.” I was again splashed with humility as I extended my hand out to shake his. He agreed to help us put up our “Destination? Joyful!” sign and they thought it should go up the day before so it would attract more people.

there's our sign!

They showed us where we would be situated, which was another big deal because the timeshare people agreed to give up a desk in their area right on the corner! A prime location!

Afterwards, George and I headed to our favorite restaurant by the pool called Calima. It’s got a beachy atmosphere, but the ambience is very calming, partly because almost anywhere you sit, you can see the ocean beyond all the pools and palm trees. I was craving the Cabo chips, salsa and guacamole. Let me tell you, you haven’t had chips and guacamole until you’ve come to Cabo.

View from our room

I slept 12 hours that night, and the next couple of days were spent relaxing, watching the whales from shore, working out at the gym, meeting more new people, lots of eating, walking, more eating, a margarita here and there, more walking and more sleep. It was so good to not be on a “to-do” schedule and just be.

there's a humpback!

If you ever come to Cabo, you’ve got to experience grocery shopping at Sorreano’s; it’s definitely an experience. This is the best place to buy all you’ll need for the week if you’re staying in a place with a little kitchen. George even enjoys coming grocery shopping here, especially in the bakery department. I think Mexican sweet bread (ponduci) is my new Cabo weakness! We actually made another trip mid week because we ran out of sweet bread and water, which meant getting a taxi for $12 plus tip one way, getting in there and out, and then another $12 plus tip to get back. Now that’s some expensive water and Mexican sweet bread, but definitely worth it the next morning with our coffee! 🙂

water taxi

I’ve gotten so caught up in all the little details; I’d better let you go, but come back tomorrow and I’ll get right to the book signing details!




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