Change your mind and your life will follow (2) From Coffee Hour @ Chicklit Power

Welcome to Coffee Hour @ Chicklit Power and thanks for stopping by. We are spending a couple of coffee hours talking about the power of our mind and how our mind influences our actions and ultimately an outcome to a situation. It’s mind-boggling, actually, when I look back and see the truth in this revelation. Grab your coffee and come on in.

After that experience with that God-sent encourager, I truly did feel as though I had experienced a breakthrough. The unfortunate part is I didn’t have any book signings to put it into practice until almost two weeks later, but every time I would think of the next book signing, I would remind myself of the breakthrough. For some reason, it had lost some of its original power in my mind and when I was preparing for the next signing, I felt that familiar cloud of oppression following me and I allowed its power to begin sucking the energy out of me and the mental tug-of-war would begin all over again as I talked to myself, reminding myself that if there were people lined up at the door waiting to meet me, and/or buy the book and allow me to sign it this would be easier; at least I think it would be. 🙂 But that’s not the way it is and I am ever so humbly and continually aware of that.

I’ve been reminded of a powerful series entitled “Loving the Unlovable” that He gave me to write a year and a half ago because it really has the same mathematical equation. It’s real easy to love the people we know love us, but when it comes to loving those we know don’t really love us, that’s when the stretching begins. I think I’m a major stock holder in Spandex! 🙂  🙁  🙂

But then His gentle whisper is heard above the childish tantrum I’m screaming in my head, reminding me I need to be faithful with the small stuff, that I must go where He sends me, that His plans are to prosper me, build me up and give me a hope, not to tear me down. The whisper continues with more promises, urging me to not be afraid, nor discouraged, for He is with me.

Well, I can’t say with all honesty that one day I woke up and the light inside my head went on and I figured it out instantaneously, but I can say it’s been a series of things, another process. But one thing I have continued to do is show up and I’ve continued to pray for strength to go out and look for those opportunities to encourage others, whether they bought the book or not. In praying this, my focus transverses to where it should be: On His agenda and not mine. He’s been ever so gently unraveling the lies I’ve told myself, cleaning out the negative thoughts that threaten to overtake the truth, and it’s been like a housecleaning, if you will, one room at a time, and we keep returning to the room of my mind, which can get really cluttered at times with unnecessary and untruthful stuff.

Oh, how quickly we forget some lessons, huh? At least I do. 🙂 Years ago, when I was a Princess House consultant, I remember going to my first big rally. It was made even more exciting because they were announcing their big incentive trip for that year. I had been told that they were elaborate trips, and that they treated the winners like royalty. They even had a special night on the trip for an awards banquet that was like going to the Academy Awards!

I watched as the Organizers and their consultants whispered their ideas of where they thought the trip was going to be and then the lights went down and the show began. Exciting music filled the auditorium as pictures flashed across the screen of the luscious and sprawling landscapes of Hawaii, the waters a color of blue reserved just for heaven, I’m sure, and the sunrises and sunsets that not only take your breath away, but tickle your imagination with just a spark of what His glory is truly like. I sat there mesmerized, catapulted into a state of excitement and feeling vibrantly alive that I had not experienced since my son’s birth.

To make a long story short, it was a week’s trip, all, and I mean all expenses paid, including room service and gifts in the room every night. The contest duration was six months and the night I got home from the rally, and every day thereafter, I literally looked at myself in the mirror and repeated the words: “I’m going to Hawaii.” Now, at first, I also muttered, “I don’t know how I’m getting there, but I’m going to Hawaii.” 🙂 I won the contest at the halfway point. See, my actions followed my mind.

I am so convinced that He uses all the pieces of our past to positively affect our future if we let Him. I so needed to be reminded of this as well. Do you have anything in your mind that needs to change? Please join me next week as I wrap up how changing our mind really can change our life.

Transforming in His hands



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7 Responses to “Change your mind and your life will follow (2) From Coffee Hour @ Chicklit Power”

  1. Jan Bachelor says:

    Oh how right you are! We have to keep reminding ourselves over and over again of what He has provided and guided us through. We all forget to be grateful for the small and great gifts He has given us and that He goes before us and prepares our way before we even leave the building.
    I am soooooooooo grateful to be reminded by you of His Awesome Agenda and blessings that still await to be seen.

    Love, Nanny-Mom

  2. Thank you for your inspiring ideas

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  4. Tessa Malbright says:

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