Change your mind and your life will follow-From Coffee Hour @ Chicklit Power

Welcome to Coffee Hour @ Chicklit Power and thanks so much for coming by. I’ve been learning so much about this subject, that I’m about to burst with revelation, so I thought we’d take a break from answering that tough question of why bad things happen to good people, and pick up a few tools having to do with our minds/thoughts. Grab your coffee and come on in.

For those of you who have been joining me for a while for coffee hour, you know that I have been allowing myself to be stretched, even beyond what I could have imagined and thought possible, as it relates to going out and marketing through book signings the “A Cup of Encouragement for the Day” book. I’ll never forget my second signing, which was in Cabo. I was so stinking nervous, so consumed with all the what-ifs that fear kept putting into my head that I finally had to just jump, spiritually that is, into His arms and ask Him to send me and use me and not make it about me. That signing was amazing, and I’ll never forget the women I met whose books I signed, and the emails I received from women sharing their heart of appreciation for the book. Little did they know, they were my cup of encouragement for the day! 🙂

Unfortunately, the rest of them have not been like that. Sure, there have been a few that have been better than all the rest, but there has been this constant mind game, a mental tug-of-war I’ve been guilty of playing in the midst of trying to figure out how not to make these book signings about me. I can’t even begin to describe the position of vulnerability that I have felt and unknowingly have camped in, which has given me a bit of cabin fever, if you will. There’s a sort of restlessness accompanied by an overwhelming sense of dread that seems to follow me the day before and the day of a book signing.

How many times do I need to be reminded that I am but an ant in a world of giants? How many cups of humility must I drink until I get it? Is there not any other way to get this book out there and into the hands and hearts of those who need encouragement?

I’ve come to understand how He created me, the personality He designed me with, and now that there’s less junk in my trunk, I suddenly find myself not nearly as outgoing, and I’ve told myself this over and over again. So because my mind has convinced myself of this fact, my actions have followed. I get all set up and there I sit, waiting for people to come to me, determined not to waste precious time. Instead, I find things to be busy at doing, like sit and write, or check my Facebook and email. Trust me; there is always plenty to do. 🙂

One time I had determined in my mind I was out of there; I was gonna leave an hour and a half before I was scheduled to, but He had other plans and instead, sent an angel that encouraged me to get up off my butt and go introduce myself. She reminded me that writing and publishing a book is no small task; that I should be excited about it.

Well, I’m not one to ignore a challenge, so I did get up and I did get out there and get my feet wet a little bit. I actually wound up staying, too, and though I didn’t sell any more books that afternoon, I had overcome some great fears of rejection. It was a breakthrough that my mind has been pursuing ever since because I am reminded that if I change my mind, my actions will follow.

Come back tomorrow and I’ll share some other revelations about the power of the mind. Have a mind-altering day.



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