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Welcome to Coffee Hour @ Chicklit Power and thanks for coming by. It never ceases to amaze me how true it is that where our mind is, our actions will follow. Grab your coffee and come on in for the wrap-up on this mini-series.

So I’ve shared with you one example of how my actions followed my mind when I made up my mind that I was going to win that trip. I remember a couple of other big victories that were won simply by changing and training my mind and they were years ago. I wish I could say that I’ve practiced positively changing my mind as it relates to my circumstances and responsibilities 24/7, but I haven’t and I’m thinking that these book signings are being used to remind me that when I change my mind, my life, my actions, my circumstances will follow! 🙂

As I look back on every single book signing I’ve showed up to, I can say with all sincerity, there was at least one divine appointment at every one of them, some purpose that led to the next door that He has opened and required of me to walk through. I mean I have some memorable treasures in my heart from those God-ordained divine appointments. I’ve talked with so many who have incredible stories of their own, like a lady who claimed to be an atheist and by the time she left was questioning the spirituality of her soul, or another woman who for two years was homeless and now she’s living a brand new life! I guess that’s why I keep showing up for these book signings because I know deep down in my heart that there’s a purpose for this; that none of it will be wasted. But why is it taking my mind so long to change? Ugh! Oh, how I treasure His grace laced with unconditional and never-ending patience.

I have told myself over and over that these book signings aren’t about me, and yet when I don’t have a good turnout, I am disappointed beyond measure and it makes it all the harder to go to the next one because that disappointment follows me. So actually, because I fall into that stinking thinking, they were becoming about me unbeknownst to me but now I see the light! 🙂 Can I get an “Amen”? I know He must be up there shaking His head with a slight smile on His face, ever amused as He’s watched me run in circles as I did the same thing over and over again expecting a different result. Little by little, the oppression has been leaving and I am getting more victorious in my thinking, especially after my recent Abba-given breakthrough.

It happened just last week, unexpectedly. It was right after my first or second book sale. I began to change the order in which I said things and it was so freeing and so genuine. I used to just very quickly tell people after they had purchased the book that 7% of the book sales goes to World Team, an organization that helps fight human trafficking and helps rehabilitate the victims trafficked. Now after introducing myself and “A Cup of Encouragement for the Day,” I go right into the fact that 7% is donated to World Team and I share some important facts and statistics about human trafficking.

Suddenly I’m not nearly as fearful to approach people and share “A Cup of Encouragement for the Day” with them.Why? Because I truly believe in this cause and I believe in the writing that He has given me for that book and that takes me out of it! I’ve told myself that the focus is off of me and I’m literally walking up to people confidently and a bit more comfortably and sharing the book with them! “This is a book with more than one purpose,” I tell them and I believe it. The incredible thing is I’m actually enjoying being there instead of cringing with fear and frustration and setting my sights on getting up and away.  That in and of itself is a reward to me, but He has gone beyond that by increasing the book sales! 🙂 I’ve changed my mind, and my book signings have gotten better! In fact, my last book signing, I almost sold out!! I left with only one book! 🙂 Woo-hoo!:)

I’m thinking we could use this principle in a lot of circumstances. For example, finances, if you are over-extended, or your budget is way too tight for comfort, how about doing a little talking to yourself in front of the mirror. Just tell yourself every day, a few times a day something like this: “I’m going to get out of debt. I’m going to do what it takes to get out of debt in a year.” Now, you may be thinking that you have no idea how you’re going to get out of debt, and that’s okay, just don’t voice that. Keep telling your mind you’re going to do what it takes to get out of debt for at least 30 days and see if things begin to change in your finances.

How about a difficult relationship, I wonder what would happen if we were to look in the mirror and say, “I’m going to get along with so and so. I’m going to learn to like him or her.” If we really told our mind this simple statement for at least 30 days, I can’t imagine the relationship not changing, seriously! 🙂

This may sound goofy or rudimentary to you, but think about an area or circumstance in your life that you would like to change and write out a statement that would reflect change in that situation and begin speaking it out loud in the mirror every day, several times a day for 30 days. What do you have to lose? Go ahead: talk to yourself; just don’t answer yourself. 🙂

Talking myself into changing my mind . . .






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Blessings and Destination? Joyful! to you!

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