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Thanks so much for joining me for Cleaning Tip Tuesdays, just in time for our Spring Cleaning from the Inside Out event coming June 30th! I am so enjoying this series with you, especially the interactive comments I’ve been receiving and the new cleaning tips! Grab your coffee and come on in! 🙂

This week’s cleaning tip comes from another friend of CPM who confirmed that the lemon juice cleaning tip really does work. Incidentally she used the lemon juice that comes in those cute little yellow plastic lemons!

So here’s her cleaning tip: “I have a ‘Jewel’ f a tip for those in between professional carpet cleaning spots (canine accidents, etc.) My mom, ‘Jewel,’ always mixed about 1/8 cup of powdered Tide with ½ cup vinegar in a bucket of hot water and scrubbed her carpets to brighten them up. Works like a charm, because she was such a jewel! :)”

So there you have it, and now, here’s the invitation and info for our next event!

We only have three more cleaning tips/weeks left before our Spring Cleaning from the inside out workshop! Tickets are now on sale! Contact a CPM representative via or order your tickets on line at

Oh, and one other thing, please email me your cleaning tip so we can share it!



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