Coffee Hour @ Chicklit Power: “A New Perspective on Suffering”!

Welcome to Coffee Hour @ Chicklit Power and thank you so very much for stopping by. I sincerely hope you’ll enjoy our chat today! I had no idea what we were going to talk about until I read my daily devotion from Diamonds in the Dust by Joni Eareckson Tada, so grab your coffee and let’s get started.

I have struggled with a certain truth for years. Many of us have heard that we are to “count it all joy when we fall into various trials…” Well, I don’t know about you, but when I’m going through a major trial, facing a huge mountain, I can lean towards mimicking a two-year-old needing her diaper changed. That’s not all the time, but sometimes, I’m sure that’s what I look like to Him. Other times I may internalize my suffering, gritting my teeth as I white knuckle it through the emotional roller coaster, trying my hardest not to behave like a victim. Afterwards, I get this sense of awe as I think about Him up there laughing, shaking His head, His heart full of love for me as He utters, “Oh, my daughter, why don’t you just let me work? Your worry and sadness are a shadow on and over the beautiful picture I am painting with all the little strokes of color and the splashes of perspective.” And then He picks me up and squeezes me in a hug and off I go again to prepare to do better the next time!

Well, am I ever excited about a new perspective on this subject of having joy when I’m up to my eyeballs in heartbreak, or wounded beyond words spoken about me, or wondering what I’m going to do when I have too much month at the end of my money, or yearning for a broken relationship to be fixed. I think most of our trials center around relationships and finances and health. What else could be more important to us, right?

Well, open your mind and heart to receive this statement I read by Joni today: “Only the promise of immortality can truly remove our eyes from this world.” Only the promise of immortality can truly take our focus off of our sufferings! In order to grasp the rest of what I’m going to say, that truth needs to reside in your heart. To believe in the reality of your immortality brings understanding to the following questions:

What if you never knew physical pain? No sore back, digestion problems, messed up knees, twisted ankle, migraine headaches, severe muscle and joint pain, et cetera. Go ahead, try and imagine your life without any of these ailments. Or, suppose, just for a few seconds, that you never experienced hurt and bruised feelings or a tarnished reputation, or a wounded heart. I don’t know about you, but I CAN’T imagine any of these suppositions and I’m so glad because  having endured physical pain and discomfort, I will be better equipped to appreciate the scarred hands that will embrace me when I get there. Because I have endured emotional heartbreak, I will be better able to appreciate the Man of Sorrow who will whisper the words, “Welcome,” and, “Well done, my good and faithful daughter,” and our gratitude for each other will be like a cleansing that makes all the pain go away.

Wow, I love a new perspective! We don’t have to walk around like – walking, wounded women – we Can allow our physical and emotional suffering to strengthen us spiritually and prepare us for that amazing meeting, the most important meeting of our lives!

Make it a great day,


P.S.  High five to all the amazing women who suffer from a chronic illness.

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8 Responses to “Coffee Hour @ Chicklit Power: “A New Perspective on Suffering”!”

  1. Gay Hardy says:

    Well put, and some day’s, I long to go there, away from this brutal planet of hurt and sorrow….what a wonderful picture to look forward to, Paradise!!

    Love, Gay

  2. Leigh says:

    I just finished reading 90 MINUTES IN HEAVEN by Don Piper. Can you imagine dying, tasting the gates of Heaven, then getting SENT BACK to a body so smashed & broken in a car wreck, that you DIED?
    That’s what happened to him! If you think YOU are suffering, you MUST read what this 38-year-old pastor went through! The description of Heaven will BLESS you, too.
    We do take so much for granted, myself included. Lord help us to appreciate EVERY BIG AND LITTLE BLESSING that comes from YOU!!!

    Evinda, you may be little, but you’re a BIG blessing to me! 😉 Love you lots!


  3. admin says:

    that book sounds amazing…. and thank you for your last comment. Made my insides giggle:) So glad there’s you!

  4. admin says:

    so glad you could see the picture I was trying to convey.
    Hugs to you, you ray of sunshine on a cloudy day!!

  5. Shari says:

    I can’t wait to not hurt any more! You expressed it very well…it IS supposed to strengthen us as we endure physical and emotional pain. And, you are “on the money” about being better equipped to identify with Jesus’ suffering. Though our suffering can not possibly compare with His, it’s the best we have.

    Evinda, per our conversation, check out I John 4:20 ff … It sure seems that we all could learn from John’s wisdom regarding loving our brothers and sisters in Christ. It is God’s command. There is no room for anything less!!

    Love, Sis

  6. admin says:

    Hey, beautiful,
    I’ll look that one up in the morning! AND THANK YOU!!!!Still praying for u know what:)

  7. Laura says:


    This is Laura from On Divorce and Dating. My blog has a new name.

    I am absolutely speechless. Did you read my post on the same date? May 5th? We are on the same wavelength my dear.

    Thank you for sharing your insight and for being an inspiration.

    With joy,

  8. admin says:

    what a gift you are as well!!!!!
    Be blessed