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Welcome to Coffee Hour @ Chicklit Power and thanks for coming by. I’m looking forward to discovering more facts about the subject of friends and friendship. Grab your coffee – iced coffee sounds good – and come on in and away from the heat! It’s really starting to be summer around here.

So I was running the other day and my thoughts were running, too, all around this blog. I kept getting a tugging, nagging sensation that I had missed something, so I kept asking Him, What am I missing? Then it came to me….

The very first example of friendship/friends is actually found in God’s new plan A! See, when Adam & Eve did what they did in the garden – that’s right, I said both of them – our loving Father came up with a new plan A. Now there is much debate on this subject, especially when it comes to whether God knew they were going to do that or not. Allow me to take a bit of a tiny trail here and see if I can’t put this in a way that makes sense for us.

So when you’re correcting your child and you ask them to stop doing something, or you tell them not to do something and they very inquisitively say, “Why not?” and your response is, “Because I said so,” that’s not satisfying their curiosity, and I have to tell you, it doesn’t satisfy mine, either. So to say it’s because He’s God and He knows everything, while that may be true, for those of us with curious minds, or for those who don’t know what you believe, that’s not enough. That’s how I’m feeling about this friend thing. It’s in the Word of God, and I DO BELIEVE it; I just want to understand it better.

I have studied, though not near enough, and have come to also understand how and why He did know what Adam and Eve would do and therefore He came up with a new plan A. To explain all the facts would take way too long but let me put it like this: Picture a red skein of yarn. Can you even imagine how long the string is? Well, every time I study and learn something, I am able to tie a knot in that string, and so it is with faith. When you study and acknowledge truth throughout the Word of God, it adds knots in your string of faith which strengthen it and when the storms come, and they will, that string of faith is less likely to come unraveled. So I guess I should say, you will have to study for yourself to understand the truth of God knowing what Adam and Eve would do. For now, go with me to this new plan A.

So getting back to the first example of friendship/friends, because there was that fatal error back in the garden, God had to come up with a new plan that would accomplish what He had intended with the creation of earth and man/woman. And what did He want to accomplish? He wanted us to be able to fellowship with Him and spend eternity with Him once we’re done here. So He sent His Son in the form of a Man to endure all kinds of stuff on earth, but more brutally, to pay the price for all our stuff, all the bad we’ve done, could dream of doing and will do in the future, and because He loved us first, He separated Himself from His Son and allowed Jesus to suffer, die, descend into hell, rise again and ascend back with Him, all because our Heavenly Father desires to be our friend!

Now that’s the first example of a friend…..

Have a beautiful and safe weekend, and stay cool



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