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Welcome to Coffee Hour @ Chickilt Power. I’m truly thankful that you came by today. Grab whatever you’re drinking and come on in. I’m so glad there’s you to share my thoughts and ideas with.

So yesterday I was at a law office out in Indio. I’m telling you, that place is not fit for humanity. It was so hot outside, it literally felt like a giant sized sauna. The law office I was in was like an ice box. So whenever there was a break, I’d go outside to get a dose of steam, and when I thawed out, within 30 seconds, I’d go right back in. My sinuses were really ticked off by the end of the day! My poor car, she was parked in 121 degree-weather all day. It literally took my air conditioning 30 minutes to quit blowing stuffy, stinky air. Okay, I’m whining, but wait until I tell you someone else’s story, the one I reported in the afternoon. And I think I’m getting attacked from all angles! It’s all about perspective.

So this guy – we’ll call him Bob — works for this company – which will remain nameless – and he’s a hard worker and gets injured and gets taken off work. BTW, I’ve heard thousands of these applicant cases, and truthfully, many of them are exaggerated. But this guy’s case was a good one. So after his latest injury, he’s back at work, and all of a sudden, his whole department is put off on a paid administrative leave for an investigation. Well, the background is, a few weeks prior to that, there was a lady who needed help with her air conditioning, and another guy from his department had supposedly helped her months before and now her compressor wasn’t working. Well, he didn’t want to go back and make it right because he couldn’t charge her because the compressor was still under warranty. So Bob steps up with another co-worker and decides to help her. They go through all the trouble of getting her compressor replaced under warranty and they get her air up and running. Nice guy, huh?

Well, this ticked the other guy off, so he sets Bob up and goes and tells their boss that Bob and his helper embezzled a bunch of compressors out of the company’s inventory. Suddenly there’s missing compressors from the inventory, but there are some other ones up in some warehouse with no tags or serial numbers. Doesn’t this smell fishy?

So his boss accuses him, and later tells him, “You need to fess up and we won’t press charges or else we’ll have to terminate you.”

“Well,” Bob said, “I’m not confessing to anything so I guess you’ll have to terminate me,” and he walked out. Well, for a couple of weeks, Bob continued to get his pay and then not much longer after that, he got a letter saying he was terminated.

So his reputation is being tarnished; he’s still out of a job, and he’s got life time injuries. And no wonder there was a psyche part to the claim. My fingers were tired, and my bum was going numb, but listening to his emotional state took my mind off my own stuff.

He said that he and his wife fight all the time. He’s depressed; he knows she doesn’t want him around. His son just graduated from high school and he’s promised he’s gonna pay for his college at SBU, but there’s no money coming around the corner, and these lawsuits take a long time, a very, very long time. Bob used to run, work out; he led a very active life. Now he’s got a torn rotator cuff, a bad back, can’t even bathe himself without pain. He’s got no money, no self-respect. He’s got a good case, but time is so precious and it’s not on his side.

So what does this all have to do with the price of eggs? I’m glad you asked. Have you ever gone through a situation where you feel like you’re hitting your head up against a wall, and the only one that’s getting hurt is you because the one who’s wronged you certainly doesn’t care? I have, too many times, but I know in my heart of hearts, eventually the wrong will be made right. I wanted so badly to tell Bob this today. I’d love to talk with his wife and share the pieces of his pain in a way that she would get. The one place that should be his sanctuary has become a place of fighting and discord. His self-esteem is in the toilet, and to top it all off, he can’t sleep at night.

Don’t we all have so much to be thankful for? Isn’t it such a gift to be around people that we know love us? Life is good, my friends; life is good! It’s all about perspective…

Have an awesome day


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2 Responses to “Coffee Hour @ Chicklit Power – It’s all about perspective.”

  1. Gay Hardy says:

    My heart is hurting for Bob and his family….boy can I relate to this. People can be almost inhuman…made of stone. Thank you for sharing this, it’s a very difficult place to be in and I’m thankful my Father is always there to carry me through times like this.

    Love you Peanut!!

  2. Sherrie says:

    I agree with Gay. Bob is in such a tough spot and the ones who should stand by him are not there. Probably alot to do with money issues. When fear is in place anger seems to emerge instead of the compassion. Have been in this place, blessed not to be in this deep, but when we are accused of wrong doings and not guilty, the results are far reaching. I do know God is the only one who has gotten me thru at times. I pray Bob knows our heavenly Father and will lean on Him.
    Have a blessed Holiday weekend,
    Love you and your blog,