Coffee Hour @ Chicklit Power: Jealous ‘of’ or Jealous ‘for’? Part 2

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After the victory over Goliath, King Saul puts David over the men of war and we read that they accept them. Not only did the men of war accept him, but the servants did as well. Pretty amazing to think that with all those people, there is not one ounce of jealousy of David. But wait! I see some around the corner.

Here they come, the women out of all the cities of Israel dancing and singing a little diddy – I wonder if it was a rap-sounding song! The words of it were: “Saul has slain his thousands, and David, his ten thousands.”Picture thousands of women dancing down the streets, people gathered everywhere, like the biggest parade you can imagine, and in front of all these people, King Saul hears this praise for David.

Bingo! The seed of jealousy is planted in Saul. You can bet he was a bit envious of David’s victory over Goliath, but now he felt mocked, mimicked, and threatened. Threatened of what? you ask. That David would take over his kingdom, of course.

So right beside that seed of jealousy, guess what else is planted? Pride! It’s kind of enlightening when you think about it because one motivates the other on in growth and pretty soon, they’re like two weeds choking out everything else.

Now let’s bring that back home to us here and now. Have you ever wanted something someone else had so much that it began paying rent in your head? I mean it could be anything: Relationship envy, clothes envy, weight envy… The list can go on and on, and before we know it, that envy turns to jealousy which is like rottenness to our bones. This little four-letter word becomes so powerful as it turns into jealousy, the jealousy ‘of’ type that leads us to self-destruction. We read and hear about it all the time in the media where jealousy sends someone over into the abyss of insanity and death of an innocent victim is usually the result.

But then there’s the jealousy ‘for’ type of jealousy. Did you know that God, OUR Heavenly Father is noted in the Bible for His jealousy ‘for’ us? That’s right! Here’s the difference: His jealousy is motivated by love because He longs for us to know Him, to spend time with Him. And if we choose not to, He’s not gonna chase us with a knife or get a gun out and shoot us, like the ones we hear about in the news. No, His jealousy is motivated by a love that will never harm us, leave us or forsake us; we, however, must choose to accept it. It’s actually hard to wrap our brains around because it’s just so pure and selfless.

If we would just be willing to try and grasp just a little bit of it, then the seed of envy which grows into jealousy and feeds pride would die. Without God, the algebraic equation looks something like this: envy = jealousy/pride = trouble

I have to remind myself constantly of His love for me, especially when I experience just an inkling of envy, because that’s where it starts. Envy unchecked turns to jealousy, but envy that is choked out with prayer turns to contentment. That equation looks something like this: envy +prayer = contentment

A content heart is life to the body. May your day be filled with contentment that chokes out envy….



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