Coffee Hour @ Chicklit Power – Journal Entry 3-22-10, Pray About EVERYTHING!

Good morning and welcome to Coffee Hour @ Chicklit Power! Wow, where did the weekend go? Do you ever feel like you’re buzzing around like a bee and humming like a bird? It seems the older I get, the faster the time speeds by; that’s why it’s so important to live in the moment and not have our minds and hearts stuck somewhere in the past or looking towards the future. For that reason, I’d like to share a few “moments” with you from the other day, and also thank my friend Ivy for taking me away and helping me live in the moment.

Ivy and I had agreed that we would get together and do what most girls love to do: Shop and eat, or is it eat and shop? LOL! Anyway, I’m not really that into shopping, but I was looking forward to a nice break from everything. Friday came, and off we went. Now, this is the second time I have done this with Ivy, and I have to tell you, shopping with her is a breath of fresh air and a great workout for my abs because she can be really funny.

We went to the outlet stores at Cabazon, at least we thought they were all outlet stores, but after walking through several stores, we later learned that only the first two sections were considered “outlet” stores, which explained the price tags on many of the things that we looked at. I was actually looking for something to wear for a wedding the next day. I was in charge of the guestbook, and I always like to at least match the bride’s color scheme.

Store after store after store, it was the same thing: I’d find something that might work, and then I’d look at the price tag and knew it wouldn’t work! On the other hand, Ivy was finding a couple of good deals here and there, which was a good thing, because she’s been shrinking incredibly by shedding excess weight and she needed to find a couple of things to wear that fit her for now. Baggy clothes can only be so baggy!

Well, after the third or fourth clothing store – we shopped in many other stores in between. Wow, can that Ivy shop and make shopping fun — I remembered to invite Abba Father into the process. After all, the Word says to pray about everything, so I asked Him to help me find something nice but not so expensive to wear for this wedding. “Just help me find a deal, Lord,” I prayed.

We stopped for some lunch, and I marveled at how many people were out and about the stores, spending money as if it were on trees. I truly see how we have so many shop-alcoholics in the world. Everywhere we turn, there are supposed “sales,” enticing advertisements, mannequins dressed up the way society says we should dress looking, oh, so cute, the most stylish purses to just die for, and let’s not forget those shoes to match that purse. Oh, and then we have to smell just right, too. And don’t forget that jewelry and those fashionable sunglasses! After all, the package has to have a bow! Temptation after temptation, enticement after enticement, but it was so cool to be able to observe it with my glasses of faith, in other words, be in Babylon, not of Babylon. That’s right, we are living in the new Babylon, but this “I want it; I got to have it” mentality isn’t so new, but that’s another story for another day.

So after lunch, I called my bff and she reminded me of my favorite clothing label, Cabi. They had just opened up a store at the Cabazon outlet mall and I had all but forgotten about them until she reminded me. So off Ivy and I went, of course stopping at Starbucks along the way and a couple of other stores, too. Finally we made it to Cabi and I stepped in and my self-control stepped back. I looked around at the mannequins wearing the clothes I had seen in the previous year’s catalogue. I let my gaze go all around the store, on the shelves, to the displays on the walls, nodding my head as I remembered wanting almost everything in there!

A young girl walked up to me with a friendly smile. “Welcome to Cabi,” she said. “Have you ever…” My enthusiasm bubbled over and I intercepted her question. I started gushing about my love for Cabi clothing. She smiled and explained to me that the prices were 30% off the catalogue prices because they were last year’s. “Who cares,” I thought to myself, because Cabi clothes really don’t ever go out of style. She then handed me a card and said, “In addition to the 30% off, today you will get whatever discount this card says.” I held the card out in front of me — I didn’t have my glasses on — and my eyes got big as saucers as I looked at the little box that showed the percentage: 50% off! Cha-ching! Did I hit the jackpot or what? I was so excited; I felt like I had just won the lotto or something.

Well, that huge discount spurred us on to some great shopping, so to make a long story short, Ivy and I put together a couple of outfits that would work for the wedding – Ivy says “Now you have options” — as well as other things that would wear well for work, all at a fraction of the price of what I would have paid if I had purchased them the year prior.

The moral of that story is: God wants to be invited into all of the little things that concern you, not just the big things. He is able to do exceedingly, abundantly more than we can imagine!



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25 Responses to “Coffee Hour @ Chicklit Power – Journal Entry 3-22-10, Pray About EVERYTHING!”

  1. Gail says:

    Thank you God for blessing my friend with fun, laughter, fellowship, and a killer deal! We know you care about ALL aspects of our lives.

  2. Carl Franklin says:

    Well, Ivy must be a hoot to shop with. It sounds like you guys had an abundance of fun. BTW, thanks for your “parking lot prayer!” =)

    Love and hugs to you Evinda!

  3. admin says:

    Isn’t HE amazing!!!!!

  4. admin says:

    You’re welcome. Prayer absolutely changes thisngs. I have so many journals to prove it:)

  5. Gay Hardy says:

    Whew, my feet hurt all over again just reading this!!! What a blast I had with you my sweet little peanut of a friend!! I have always loved shopping with someone who can wear anything and look like a million bucks, and you did in all those sweet outfits!!!

    The Lord has blessed me with your friendship and I pray daily that this will be a journey that is never ending!! You have gifts beyond your own understanding and God is in front of it all!!!

    I love you and can’t wait for our next adventure, as I shrink, we will shop!!!!


  6. admin says:

    To my incredibly shrinking friend/sister….
    You make my abs hurt sometimes from laughter, a truly unique and rare gift these days! Thank you; thanking God for the gift of you and all the facets you bring to this journey:)

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  10. Zach says:

    Thanks so much for the advice – some of this actually answered some of the niggling questions I had about the process.

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