Coffee Hour @ Chicklit Power – Journaling the Godstops for You!

Welcome to Coffee Hour @ Chicklit Power and thank you so much for stopping by. I thought for today, you could join me in journaling some of the Godstops of the weekend.

Friday was such a full day. My usual Friday morning run was made sweeter when a close friend decided to join me – my bff/running partner is nursing a sore tailbone! I got ready for work and off I went. As I pulled out of my driveway, I glanced at the clock and grimaced as I saw the time. I had really hoped to be able to get a little something sweet to eat for the clients I was working with for the day, but I had pushed it too far.

About halfway there, I notice my gas light’s on and I look at my display which informs me I’ve got just a few miles left! Now I have to stop, and here’s the Godstop: I got off the freeway, saw a gas station to my left, but kept going because up ahead I saw a store where I knew they had good treats, so I ran in there real quick, pondered for a few minutes on what to get that could feed all 50 of them, made my purchase, got back in my car, drove back down the street toward the freeway, zipped in the gas station, pumped $25 of gas, all within ten minutes. I had seven minutes to make it to my destination and I did, with a minute to spare.

As I’m walking up with my case holding my court reporting stuff and the bag of goodies, here comes a very nice guy walking down the steps and offers to carry my court reporting bag up the stair and in the door! That was sweet. The job itself was rip-roaring fast, the words coming at me like a grand finale of fireworks. I could barely keep up, but I kept looking up and asking for help. 29 minutes later and 40-something pages, they were done and the video operator and I were left to wait for 3.5 hours for the 2:00 witness.

That’s the second Godstop, because I had met this young girl the day before on the job, and it was nothing short of a divine appointment. She is a young single mom laden down with guilt from bad choices in her life, a sweet, sweet girl who knows that God has been, is and will continue to be her Savior. Without going into her trunk of junk, let me just say it’s pretty full, just like mine was years ago. So to make that long story short, we had some sweet time together. I took her to run a few errands and we just hung out and I received the gift of being able to speak into her life. I don’t think our meeting was by chance, but I do believe I’ll be seeing her in the future.

I’m going to fast-forward to Saturday and then I’ll come back to Friday night. Saturday morning was another Godstop with two people I had no idea that I would ever share this sweet and powerfully sentimental moment with, the mother of my grandchildren and her mom at Deborah’s Bridal store. So there we were, Pam and I, talking away as if we had been friends for years, sharing common feelings and talking of wedding plans when all of a sudden we both stopped talking and gasped as Lauren walked out of the fitting room in the first of seven wedding gowns she tried on. The fact that I got to share in such an exciting event is nothing short of a miracle, a major Godstop in my life. Thank you, Abba Father, and thank you, Lauren, for being so sweet and sensitive and including me. She chose the 7th dress, btw!

Friends and sweet fellowship were another Godstop for me on Saturday night when we met for dinner to celebrate my final birthday – I’m 49 and holding! — which was a few days prior. Don’t you love those week-long celebrations! We all met in the front of the restaurant and as I made my way over to them – I was late, again! – I was thinking, we need to do this on non-birthday occasions. Life every day is a reason to celebrate; why do we seem to think we have to have a reason to get together other than the gift of our friendship. I used to love to have parties and get-togethers for my b-day, but that’s not me anymore. I just would like to be better at making the time to celebrate the gift of life made sweeter with friends.

Now back to Friday, and sorry to make this long-winded, but the Godstop I’m going to share with you now is going to lead into tomorrow’s blog. Friday I got home from work just before 4:00 and had about 30 minutes to get out of my work clothes, into my play clothes, spend a few minutes with my old neighbor who stopped by to say hello, love on my four-legged kids and then my forever friend Denise came and picked me up. We were headed to American Idol Live Tour 2010.

I get in her car and she’s got Lee and Crystal blaring on her radio. “We’re Idol-ing it, Birthday girl,” she says. And off we went. Denise and I have been friends now for about twelve years and we’ve never run out of things to talk about. For those of you who came to the Loving the Unlovable workshop, she was the one who emceed the day. Anyway, we watched Idol together several times and she had gotten these tickets as a birthday present for me a couple months prior and we were so looking forward to this.

If you ever want to know what it’s like riding in a cab in New York, I suggest you give Denise a call. Talk about taking it on the axle, whew! And brakes, what are those? Oh, the things you hit real hard when you realize within seconds that you gotta stop! I’m laughing as I write this, remembering how my heart would jump into my throat a time or two when I looked up to see how close we came, and there’s Denise just as calm as could be, talking about the next thing, not even phased! Actually, I don’t know what I’m talking about; I don’t mess around either when it comes to driving!

So we park across the street and get out of the car and we begin to walk and she says ever so sweetly and curiously: “Do you think we’re gonna be the oldest ones here?” I laughed and then when I realized she was truly serious, I assured her we weren’t going to be the oldest ones there.

So we walk down Figueroa just a little bit and we see all this commotion across the street and as we stop to wait for the light to cross, a guy with a big camera set up on a tripod to the left of us said hello and we started to chat. I was going to ask him to take a picture (for my scrapbook) of Denise and me, but first I asked him why he had his camera set up right there on Figueroa Street across from the Staples Center. He explained that he was doing a documentary and he indicated with a nod of his head to across the street. I turned to look at what he was referencing and my mouth dropped.

Come back tomorrow and I’ll share what I saw and what I did, which has planted seeds for the next media series. Remember I was asking about a television show to blog on? Well, it’s not a television show, but it’s definitely media-worthy and this will be the new Tuesday Morning series!

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3 Responses to “Coffee Hour @ Chicklit Power – Journaling the Godstops for You!”

  1. Rubi Mcguffie says:

    Just exploring around and noticed this web site. Pretty nice.

  2. Denise says:

    I really did think it would be a very young crowd……I was wrong. Thank goodness…….any of you who need to get there in a New York minute you know who to call……


    Can’t even remember the last speeding ticket I got……….been at least 10 years!

    Careful and quick……..that’s me.

  3. admin says:

    A New York minute is right…. And no tickets, WOW! God’s angels are watching over you. Just be sure not to drive faster than they fly:) Love you