Coffee Hour @ Chicklit Power – Security and Significance

As I was reading from my “Diamonds in the Dust” devotional, I was amazed at how many ways it applied in my own life this week. I couldn’t help but think how it might apply for all of you as well, so this morning’s coffee hour @ Chicklit Power might be a bit of a journal entry, but my hope and prayer is it will resonate within your own life. Security and significance, two pretty important nouns that all of us chase in one form or another, almost as much as love. Even Christian psychologists say that good mental health springs from security in “who we are” and significance in “what we do.” When I look at the “who we are” part, I immediately want to add “in Him” because I have come to learn – and it’s been a long process – that without Him, I am nothing, which leads me right into the “significance in what we do” part. Since I am nothing without Him, finding my significance in what I do must be about Him as well. There’s a verse in the book of Acts which states: “For in Him we live and move and have our being.” If we were to truly grasp that within our inner being, oh the mountains we could climb physically, emotionally and spiritually.
So here’s the journal entry part. When I called in for my job assignment Tuesday, it was confirmed that it was Livenote. In English, that means my computer hooks up to the attorney’s computer and he gets to see the testimony live, in other words, he gets to see every mistake I make, observe when I drop a few words, miss-stroke a few times. So it’s an under-the-microscope kind of experience. Oh, and they wanted the certified transcript by noon the next day. I’ll let you in on a little secret: Court reporters aren’t perfect; they just get a chance to go in and perfect the transcript afterwards. Well, it had been more than five years since I had reported like this and while I jumped at the chance to do this and earn an even better salary, I have to say that my first thoughts were running amuck around all the what-ifs based on my own skill or lack thereof. Before I went too far amuck, I brought Him into the equation which definitely splashed some perspective on the self-induced chaos. The truth is: where He guides, He provides.
So to make a long story short, I calmed down, prayed, asked for prayer from many of you, and went in there confident, NOT in my own skills but knowing that He had led me to this blessing and I was not to turn it into a curse by relying on myself or my own strength. I think I understand how Peter felt out there on the raging sea, trying to walk on the water towards Jesus. I’d see the attorney’s eyes go toward the screen, start to sweat, miss stroke a word or two, then I’d look up and immediately, the words were flowing beautifully on the screen. That, my friends, is an amazing truth, and breathes even more life into the already powerful truth of Acts 17:28. Because I relied on Him, He brought significance to what I did for HIS glory.
Oh, and by the way, with the help of two angels from Heaven, my scoper and my husband, the job was completed and delivered on time with minimal stress, despite the microscope.
My challenge to all of you: Go ahead, read a scripture, let it penetrate and resonate in your heart, then test it and see it come alive.

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4 Responses to “Coffee Hour @ Chicklit Power – Security and Significance”

  1. Dawn says:

    It’s amazing how much we rely on ourselves and others before we realize that we are here because of “HIM”. We need to remember that the Lord is with us always. Ask and you shall receive……..may not be in the time you want it to be but most definitely in His. Continue seeking the Lord, asking for guidance, strength and wisdom and He shall prevail. I enjoy your words of encouragement in my walk with the Lord. Makes me appreciate myself more–that i will fall short at times but the Lord will lift me up, brush me off and hold my hand to begin my journey again.

  2. Jennifer says:

    my family was in a crices this week and the first thing i did was cry and then call everyone that i knew to pray for my family. i then relized that i needed to pray with Him and trust that He would get us trough this. one of the ladies that i work with once told me that God puts us through things and He will bring us out of them. i would ot be the strong women i am today without Him

  3. Guest says:

    Thank you for your guide!

  4. Anonymous says:

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