Coffee Hour @ Chicklit Power – Thank You!

Welcome to Coffee Hour @ Chicklit Power. I hope you had an awesome weekend and are ready for the week. I had a full weekend, but it sure flew by. (My son Jeff and his family were with us most of the day Saturday and stayed until Sunday morning! Sweet!) Grab your coffee and come sit for a few. I’d like to tell you how grateful I am for the gift of you!

So Friday, I met with the web designer and author marketing expert for a brainstorming session in how to continue building this platform that will become the “launch pad,” if you will, for the novels I write as well as for the speaking that I do. They are both very good at what they do, backed with years of experience and knowledge in the “author” industry as well as social networking industry, which is larger than I ever imagined. I’ll share their idea with you on Friday and how you will get to be part of it.

Right now, I’d like to share some info with you that I learned from Jeniffer Thompson, the president of our web designing company, Monkey C. She gave me their final report on the SEO (search engine optimization) project they had done for us. Detail by detail, she explained every facet of what they had done and the results it had achieved. To say she was pleased would be an understatement. I can still see her smiling and the twinkling in her eyes as she revealed the information. She was really excited!

First off, there are literally millions of websites out there and to even get a rating with and/or through Google is like one in a million. In fact, many sites that you log onto, if you look in the lower right-hand corner, the word “unranked” is there. Google’s rating begins with a zero and goes up to ten. I’ll never forget the smile in her eyes as she told us that we actually have a rating and it’s already a 2! Now, that may seem like nothing, but in the scheme of things, with all those other sites out there, it’s pretty amazing, especially since we’ve only been up for four months!

The way we bring that up is by continuing to share with others AND whenever anyone subscribes to my blog (see the “subscribe” box on the right) that brings it up. All you do is leave your email and then accept the confirmation and what will happen is, every morning you’ll get a little email from Evinda@chicklitpower with the first couple of lines of the blog and the link. So all you have to do is click, and you’re here!

Another amazing thing she told us is that they submit every author they design a website for to these various blog companies; there are six of them – in English, they’re like the yellow pages for bloggers – and Jen said it’s hard to get an approval for authors from any of them, either because there is not enough content in their blogs, it’s simply not a good blog, or they’re not blogging enough, various reasons. Well, I’m so excited to share with you that Coffee Hour @ Chicklit Power was approved by ALL six!!!!! Praise God!

That’s where YOU come in because without YOUR joining me every morning, Monday through Friday, for Coffee Hour @ Chickit Power, or YOU posting the blog on your Facebook, or YOU sharing something about Chicklit Power and myself, these numbers wouldn’t be possible. Thanking Him for the gift of all of YOU! Knowing that I am entwined with THE source that never runs dry, I am eternally grateful and will continue to blog for HIM and for YOU.



P.S. Join me tomorrow for the next part (7) in “Balance? What’s That?” series. And don’t forget Blogtalkradio today at 1:00. Just click on the link to the right:)

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