Coffee Hour @ Chicklit Power “Nesting, Godstops, and a Splash of Truth!”

Welcome to Coffee Hour @ Chicklitpower, and happy Monday to you! I hope you’ve had a refreshing weekend, despite the heat. Grab your coffee and come on in. I wanted to share a couple of Godstops from this weekend and an interesting analogy I heard yesterday from a friend/pastor of ours.

So yesterday, I just wanted to stay home, play hooky from church and read my Bible and hang out with my hubby, which is a rare occurrence for me – I mean the playing hooky from church part, not hanging out with my guy. I just wasn’t in the “fellow-shipping” mood, not that we go to church only when we feel like it, but anyway, I think you know what I mean. There are just have those times where we don’t want to be around a lot of people and need to nest for a bit. So it was cool, him and I reading together and each of us pointing out different things in the Scriptures that spoke to us differently. That’s how I know the Bible is God inspired, which reminds me of what I wanted to share with you. But let me finish with the nesting thing.

So a major Godstop is how my husband has grown, actually how we’ve both grown in our marriage. He is so accepting of me and my quirky outbursts, like, “Honey, let’s move the bedroom around,” or, “Babe, it’s time to move the living room around.” Two years ago, he would have looked at me and said, “Have fun.” Yesterday, he jumped right in there and even had a brilliant idea of going to Home Depot and looking for these coaster-type things that you place under the furniture and they enable you to just roll that big bed all over the place, or the dresser, or the hutch. So we bought them, and he was right. It worked. So we had a really good time changing things around, and we both were happy with how it came out. My husband took it a bit further when he said: “Hey, now you can roll the furniture with one hand and vacuum with the other while sipping your iced coffee!” He’s so funny and he really makes me laugh, which was another Godstop because by the time we did all this, I was definitely feeling better.

So back to this analogy I wanted to share, which has to do with the reality of the Bible. There are so many people who say they don’t believe because the Bible was written by man, which I can understand, even though I don’t agree. Yes, Bible was written by several man commissioned by King James in the 16th century who worked tirelessly, collaborating together from the scrolls until they had no errors. I don’t know how long it took, but I know it was a while until it was approved by King James. I mean history has proved time and time again the truth and the validity of the Scriptures. I’m no history buff, but I also know for myself and my own life and the lives of many I’ve come in contact with that the Word of God was, is and always will be with God, of God and inspired by God and it has NEVER failed to splash perspective on and in my life, especially when I’m going through a tough time, feeling depressed, or just sharing with a friend who is struggling.

But there are those people – and they are usually quite brilliant and full of what I call college knowledge — that just can’t accept by faith the simplicity of it, and make it more complex than it needs to be. That’s not to say that the Bible isn’t complex, because it is, but its overall message and the reason it was created for us is pretty simple.

And then we have the many, many, many translations that have followed since the 16th century, which have watered it down and watered it down and watered it down some more, taking the potency of it away. It’s kind of like you or I making a cup of tea for ourselves, then our husband asks for a cup and we make it from the same teabag. Well, while we’re having our cup of tea, a few friends come over and we use the same teabag, and pretty soon, it’s just water. Now, I’m not saying that these versions are bad; I’m just saying they’re watered down. So that’s another Godstop, because it really helped me understand the translation thing.

And then this other analogy I got from our pastor/friend has to do with the inspiration of the Bible and its accuracy. He said to me, “When you report a deposition, you just take down what you hear, right? You don’t add or you don’t drop anything; you write exactly what you hear, right?” I shook my head in agreement. “That’s what these men did; they worked from the scrolls and did not dare add or take away from them until it was what it is.” I so related with that. It made so much sense. I believe because I choose to, and because I’ve chosen to believe, my faith has been fed by the Scriptures which are alive. You want to test the life of the Scriptures? Simply read Psalms 26 today. Sit and think on what you have read; then rewrite it according to your circumstances. Now come back to that next month, and I guarantee, Psalms 26 will speak to you in a different way. I’ll do this for you in a couple of days, after I’ve finished the Friends/Friendship series.

Have an awesome day, and don’t forget, today’s Blog Talk Radio at 1:00 p.m., Pacific time. Just click on the “listen to my weekly podcast” link and it should take you to Chicklit Power, “Kiss Dating Good-Bye” show!


P.S. Thank you to Ken for the brilliant light you always cast upon my understanding!

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  1. Merry Anne says:

    Wow….you pastor is amazing! &: )
    PS You da bomb too!

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  3. admin says:

    wow, thank you so very much. You squeezed my heart with inspiration! Hurry back…

  4. admin says:

    Merry Ann
    and so are you!!!!!!! 🙂 Hugs to you

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