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The book that started it all!

Thanks so much for joining me for a Coffee Hour. I know it’s not always easy to take a break, but little getaways are good for the soul. Grab your coffee and come on in. Let’s get back to where we left off which is at the end of the road! 🙂

Coffee Hour!

The driver leaned out of his bus and spoke to the driver of another bus headed in the direction we had just come. Oh, what I wouldn’t have given to know exactly what he said!

So we got on the new bus and the driver waited for us to pull out another buck. Well, we didn’t have any more dollar bills so I dug in the bottom of my purse for quarters. He told us he didn’t take coin; only bills. George asked him if he had change for a $20 as he showed it to him.

Well, when it comes to money, these people definitely work at speaking our language. He told us, “Only in pesos!” At this point, we were so grateful to be going back, we didn’t care what kind of change we got although I must confess, I was trying to do the math because 99 percent of the time, we end up feeling like they have given us the wrong change in their favor! 🙂

The bus ride back began, and it was every bit as rough as the way in. Seriously, these were dirt roads with potholes so big I totally thought we’d be rolling and toppling over on a couple of them, and if the bus didn’t roll, I would certainly be falling off my seat if I didn’t find something to hang on to!

graffiti is a universal language! 🙁

another abandoned building/home?

And there were actual bus stops out here in the sticks, with all kinds of abandoned brick buildings, and places that are homes but they didn’t have any roofs!

Oh, Father, I don’t know why you’re allowing me to see this, but thank you for giving me this taste of their culture, for showing me that the world is full of people who are less fortunate, in great need, just like those that you ministered to in Galilee. Your heart is for the poor, and you bless them with simplicity in their lives. Their focus isn’t on their needs of vanity, but the bare necessities of life. Oh, how I understand, and your Word promises, they are indeed blessed in your eyes in ways that many of us can’t grasp or understand. Wow, we pay for tours of beautiful places in Cabo, things we like to see and even dream of possessing. How ironic the truth; that many of us don’t want to see this kind of reality! Thank you for the splash of perspective on a depth of poverty that is a reality in many places around your creation. Forgive me for sweating the small stuff, like the books making it to Playa Grande, wondering if people would come to the signing. And thank you for this cup of humility, Father, thank you for your safety and protection, for getting us back into town so we can make our way home tomorrow. Thank you for this truth: The lower we stoop, the more gifts we receive, and the greatest gift of all is humility.

Thanks so much for joining me for the final “Coffee in Cabo.” Please join me tomorrow for our regular Coffee Hour and our monthly WOW, words of wisdom/weapons of warfare!




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