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Back to Single by Evinda Lepins

The book that started it all!

Thanks for joining me for more of this adventure. Grab your coffee and let’s get back to where we left off, which is in front of Wal-Mart.

Coffee Hour!

We made our way toward Wal-Mart, but had a hard time finding it because there are all these mall-type stores that surround it. In fact, that’s how it is for Soriano’s Grocery Store. You walk in and there are stores to the left, stores to the right, and the merchandise looks to be mall-quality, if you know what I mean. It’s sort of overwhelming but I guess convenient; definitely one-stop shopping, all price ranges included from Wal-Mart price to Nordstrom price! 🙂

Because my head was throbbing, I wasn’t about to get distracted. I looked for and found the luggage section pretty quickly. The selection was incredibly small, and the prices were very expensive. I had done this in Virginia before, and had found an awesome deal on a wheelie-type carry-on for only $20! Not the case here. 🙂 We walked up the entire aisle, turned the corner to see if there was more on that side of the aisle and there wasn’t. There was no way I wanted to spend any more money than I had to in order to get these books home. All I kept thinking is how much they have already cost me!

We found absolutely nothing and there in the aisle we discussed how we could divvy up the books between my suitcase, his suitcase, my carry-on and his carry-on. That sounded do-able so we left Wal-Mart, content with our decision. It wasn’t a complete waste of time, I thought to myself. After all, we had ridden the bus in Cabo. That was a first to brag about, right?

We walked back to where the bus had dropped us off, looking as though we knew what the heck we were doing! There were others waiting for the bus as well. I sat down; George stood and we waited and waited. Out there in the heat, it seemed like forever, but finally, about ten minutes later, the bus pulled up.

We went in, and George paid him another dollar for each of us. This time, instead of going close to the back of the bus we stayed in front. My head was still throbbing, and I tried to lean back into the seat, but just as I’d get semi-comfortable, the bus would lurch forward, or sideways, and I’d be literally up off the seat. Not only was the bus ride similar to a four-wheeling adventure, but the bus made many stops in some unforeseen places, so leaning back to rest my head was not an option, neither was comfort.

Holding on . . .

Did I mention there is no air conditioning in these buses? Oh, and no seatbelts either, though there was a sign requesting us to fasten them! 🙂

With every stop, the bus began filling up. Sure, there were a few that got off here and there, but soon it was standing room only. About twenty minutes into the ride, the area began to look somewhat familiar so I started paying attention because I wanted to be ready to get off that bus!

George was watching too. I don’t know what we were both looking for, but as the stops came and went, and the bus started heading toward Soriano Market, I looked at George and told him I thought we had missed our stop. He wasn’t quite convinced, until three stops later, when they stopped at Soriano Market’s curbside. He didn’t seem to be too worried and we both thought that it would eventually have to go back the way it came and then we’d get off. We wouldn’t miss it this time!

Our bus driver!

The stops grew shorter and farther in between, and soon we realized we wouldn’t be getting off the bus any time soon. I was absolutely shocked at the roads we were turning on and did I mention, I was so completely lost? Panic began to reveal itself as hot flashes came and went and water trickled down my back trying to put out the internal fire! If ever I needed a bag to breathe in and relax, it was now!

Suddenly I thought of you, and how I could turn this into an adventure for all of us, and the smile began from inside out! I thanked Him for you, and began to change my attitude and act like a tourist, though what I was seeing was erasing the short-lived smile. I couldn’t believe what I was seeing.

The minutes passed by quicker as I immersed myself in this culture, taking it in, and as I began to think about sharing it with you, George stole the thought right from my mind. “You could write about this,” he said.

“I was just thinking the same thing.” And my title could be ‘All this for a buck?’ I thought to myself.

What he said next really made me laugh, because he repeated what I had just thought: “You could call it ‘All this for a buck!’”

As the last of the passengers got off, the driver looked at us through his gigantic mirror as if to say, “Hey, gringos, when you getting off?”

I certainly didn’t know how to say “we screwed up” in Spanish, so in Spanglish – that’s English with a Spanish accent! 🙂 — I said, “We missed our stop!” I smiled despite feeling vulnerably uneducated in his bus and culture.

I continued to take pictures, laughing at myself every time I nearly fell off the seat, intent on getting a picture of these things I was seeing that surely no one would pay to see.

Home sweet home . . . for someone?

We are not going down this road!@$%^&*()

Suddenly we saw buses ahead in this forsaken patch of I don’t know what, and the driver said in his Spanglish, this is the end of the road!

The end of the road . . .








Join me tomorrow for the conclusion of “All this for a buck!”


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  1. Jan Bachelor says:

    Okay I am laughing and feeling your panic too!