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Coffee Hour @ Chicklit Power

Coffee Hour @ Chicklit Power

Thanks for joining me for more Cabo highlights and revelations. Grab your coffee and come on in.

When I woke up on Tuesday, the ocean’s voice beckoned me to be still. This was book signing day. I fixed our coffee and went to sit on the couch, the place I came every morning to be still, work on my Bible study, and journal. George had turned on the IPod and Michael W. Smith’s voice rose above the sound of the ocean.

George came and sat beside me as “Your Grace” began to play. Suddenly, yet ever so naturally, we both began to sing the lyrics, lost in worship song after song. Oh, how I had yearned for connection like this and it happened. I could have stayed there like that for hours.

We made our way to the lobby for the morning session of the book signing. My heart dropped a bit when I saw that I would be sitting by the back sliding doors again. That is where I was last year, and it was really difficult to engage with anyone because most people are walking in and out so fast that they don’t look to the right or the left; they just keep going. I could fill pages and pages full of all the emotions I kept finding myself stuck in, but suffice it to say, at this point in the day, I am hiding behind my tablet playing solitaire, looking like I’m having fun as I relentlessly remind myself that it’s not about books but about hearts.

To be perfectly honest with you, that truth is still making its way down from my mind to my heart, but I am determined

Book signing day!

Book signing day!

to push it on in there! 🙂

But despite my inabilities and flaws, God showed up. He brought a couple of divine appointments that reminded me of His purpose. There was a lady who came in from the pool purposefully to purchase all three of the books and she let us know that she was there because of what she had read on Amazon about the books! I was so encouraged! Shortly thereafter, Dinorah, a young lady who headed up the tours for the Solmar Helping Hands charities, came over to check the books out. She said she had heard about the book signing from several people and wanted to come take a look.

We talked about the Helping Hands foundation which opened the door for me to share each of the books and the respective charities that they are dedicated to. She nodded her head in open appreciation and picked up A Cup of Hope, exclaiming how cute the cover was. She glanced through it and got so excited. “These look like what I would like.” She picked up A Cup of Encouragement and then handed them both to me.

I had my first sale in pesos! I got so excited figuring it out I could have sworn I had a hot flash, but then just as quick as it came on, it was gone! I signed them both, and thanked her. When she asked if we came every year, I assured her that we did. “Well we need to stay in touch through email and I will bring you out to all the timeshare representatives and the helpers for the charity. They love to buy and they need your books.”

I had to remind myself to shut my mouth before a Cabo mosquito flew in it! Talk about an unexpected gift! By now, it was just about time to wrap the morning session up, but before we packed it up, Rodney and George suggested that I ask Paula, the Chief Concierge, if there was any way we could move to a better location. I prayed for courage as I made my way toward her across the lobby. I don’t know why I felt so inept and awkward, because she really is the sweetest and most accommodating concierge I have ever met.

For those of you who were with me last year, do you remember the fiasco with the books being stuck in customs and not making it to us? Well, she was so incredibly helpful through that whole thing.

Anyway, she stood as I approached her and we hugged, and then I asked her, “Paula, is there any way that we can move for the afternoon session?” I went on to share with her about the first year I was in the lobby and where they had put me, which was an amazing spot at the end of the resort receptionists and definitely a prime location in comparison to where we were now.

“I understand, Ms. Lepins. Let me talk with my manager and see what we can do. I don’t think it will be a problem as long as the spa staff does not mind.” I thanked her and walked back to our table.

Rodney and George could tell by the smile on my face that the attempt had been well-received, but I still couldn’t stop from exclaiming how incredibly understanding and receptive she had been.

Cheryl and I began to pack up the books, and we agreed to leave the signs out with a “Back at 3” sign taped to the table. We were about to leave and Paula came over with the General Manager, Rodrigo. We all shook hands and he then went on to say that Paula had told him we wanted to move the table. He said, “It will be no problem to move you, Senora Lepins. I will see to it myself that we move everything by this afternoon.” Talk about humbled. Rodrigo’s kindness rang a bell of truth in my heart: You can’t be genuinely kind without humility!

Please join me tomorrow for more Cabo highlights and revelations. And I can’t wait to tell you who I met at the pool!



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