Coffee in Cabo from Coffee Hour @ Chicklit Power

Coffee in Cabo

Coffee in Cabo

Thanks for joining me for Coffee Hour and the final blog of Cabo memories. I have just a couple more book signing moments to share and then I’ll conclude with some other things that made my heart smile, and still do as I relive the moments. Grab your coffee and come on in.

I walked toward her, excitement and heartfelt appreciation compelling me forward. I couldn’t believe that I was experiencing what I’ve only read about: friendships that form on vacation and continue to grow. It was Carol and her daughter and Carol is the sweet lady I met last year with her friend Pat, who couldn’t make it this year because of health reasons. Incidentally, I’ve since heard from Pat via email and I’m touched with humility as she shares Coffee Hour with us! A big hug to you Pat, and you too Carol, oh, and Laura too! What a valuable tool social networking can be if we utilize it correctly!

Anyway, Carol and Laura walked with me over to the table – let me clear something up so I don’t sound presumptuous by assuming they wanted to come to my book signing! 🙂 First, Pat had told Carol about the book signing at the resort because she had read it in the blog, and then I had seen her and Laura at the Festival on Monday evening and Cheryl gave her a flier.

It was super sweet to hear Carol explain a bit about my books. She had bought Back to Single last year and she was one ofIMG_5291 the first emails I had received telling me how much she enjoyed it. We had learned from Laura at the Festival that she had just gone through a huge loss: her husband passed just a few months prior so it had been a rough road lately. While “Back to Single” suited her situation on the outside, A Cup of Encouragement and A Cup of Hope is what she needed on the inside.

As I sit here and share this with you, I can’t remember if she bought both of the “Cups,” or just one, but she did wind up getting “Back to Single,” too. As I signed her books, I prayed for her, that the words within each of them would offer encouragement, light on a dark day, healing for her hurting heart, wisdom and understanding, and most of all, a knowledge that would inspire the necessity of the reality of our loving God in her life.

I signed A Cup of Hope for Carol and we talked a few more minutes before I saw Serena and Lowry walk up. I got a picture with Carol and Laura and squeezed them both before turning my complete attention to Serena and Lowry.

I was so happy to see them and a bit surprised as well. I know they had said they would come up, but when people are on vacation, they’re on vacation! Anyway, I had the blessing of a few minutes with Serena while George brought Rodney over to meet Lowry. Serena looked at each of the books and said, “I’ll take one of each,” so I began to sign while Cheryl prepared the receipt.

Have you ever had one of those embarrassing moments that turned the heat up on your intimidation temperature? Well, I had one of those just then as Lowry handed me a card to run through Square, and because of the poor connection, it wouldn’t work. Now, he’s a real sharp businessman. Remember, he used to be one of President Reagan’s legislative advisors. As I’m blabbering about the connection, a flash of water is dripping down my back which I just know ignited by my intimidation turned embarrassment.



Anyway, after trying another card, he said, “Let me just give you cash,” to which I responded with gushing appreciation. I seriously felt about an inch tall, but as I’m learning, that’s my insecurity, not his debt!

As I watched them go, I even remember thinking, I wonder if they will even read the books! Oh, ye of little faith . . .Remember, I got the email from him shortly after arriving home telling me he was thrilled to read them?

Before we wrapped it up, I did sign a couple more books, but something else happened to end the book signing on a very happy note: Do you remember Danielle, the first one waiting in the afternoon who bought all three books? Well she came running down about a half hour before the end exclaiming she was on chapter 3 and couldn’t stop! She said “I’m absolutely loving the book and I wanted to make sure I came down and told you before you left! I’ll definitely write a review,” she added. Talk about a cup of encouragement and hope all in one!

So I have one more very funny story to share, so join me tomorrow for the final, final Coffee in Cabo moments!

Love and laughter,


Bryden 141


Other memories that made my heart smile . . .

Beach party

Beach party


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  1. Jan Bachelor says:

    All sounds so blessed. I am happy things went beautifully for all of you. That little Cheryl is a WONDER of enthusiasm isn’t she? She has been full of energy like that for as longgggggg as I have known her. And that is a lot of years. Ha