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Thanks for joining for another Coffee in Cabo. I can’t believe it’s Friday already! I can tell you now, today’s coffee hour will be sort of a cliff hanger because you won’t know until Monday if we actually do a book-signing today! Don’t feel bad; I won’t know until sometime later this morning! 🙂 Grab your coffee and come on in.

Coffee in Cabo

I forgot to tell you what happened Wednesday, you know, the day we were supposed to do the book signing!

I had a feeling deep in my gut that I should go up and sit at the book-signing table and wait to see anyone came, but in particular, two women we had met over at the new resort next door. So as George was turning some money into pesos to pay for the “export” fee, there I sat, working on changing the day and date on the fliers I had brought with me. About twenty minutes into my stay, I looked up and saw them coming towards me! Oh, I’m so glad I listened to that God-given intuition. After I explained what happened, the four of us sat and talked for a good 30 minutes, first all together, and then Patricia and I wound up in our own conversation while Carol and George had theirs. Everyone has a story, and Patricia was no exception, and since I’m not at liberty to share hers, let me just say it was an opportunity to speak hope into her life, and she definitely is coming back on Friday for A Cup of Encouragement, because she wants “Back to Single!” on her Nook! Oh, that reminds me, the book will be available via E-Book beginning next week! That’s so exciting!

So after they left, we went down toward the pool area, which is huge, and while George talked to a new friend, a fellow hot rod collector, I prayed for my huevos, aka, boldness, and went around the pool handing out fliers and inviting people to a book signing for today! As I write this, there are still no books, so please, offer up a prayer as you read this!

Dear Lord, help me pass these all out!

I can do all things . . .

Okay. So let’s go to Thursday’s events. We overslept so the plan for another homemade breakfast was out of the question. We got up in enough time to have some coffee together, and get ready to meet the tour guide at 9:10 a.m. in the lobby. But that was Mexican time, so it really wound up being 9:25! 🙂 It’s all good; we’re on vacation, right. This was a six-hour tour, approximately – it turned out to be 9! I guess the hours are in Mexican time, too! 🙂

It began with a short bus ride over to the Marina and then we boarded a glass-bottom boat and toured the Sea of Cortez, stopping at Pelican Rock, Lover’s Beach, Honeymooners’ Cave – where two go in and three come out! 🙂 — the sea lion rock, and the plain open sea! Absolutely beautiful, don’t you think?

The Ffamous Arch

Honeymooners' cave! Step away!

uh-huh, that's a sea lion! CA-UTE!

While on the boat, I couldn’t help but be taken in by this woman who was like a one-woman comedian show. She was so funny, had such a whit about her. After the boat ride, I was doing the Mexican pee dance, seriously, and when I asked Johnny, our tour guy, how much longer to a bathroom, he said, six Mexican minutes. The look on my face must have told him I couldn’t wait, so he had a friend take me to a private bathroom, which was quite nice and clean, I might add, and when I came out, that funny woman was there washing her hands. We struck up a conversation and she introduced herself: By the way, I’m Donna. And I introduced myself to her. We hit it off immediately. Her and her honey are from Toronto, Canada.

The next stop was a glass-blowing factory, and at first I thought, yeah, whatever. But as the hot glass begin taking on the form of a beautiful fish, I stood mesmerized with the rest of the group, and watched all the detail that went into this hand-blown fish. Absolutely amazing, and I’ll tell you, it gave me a whole new appreciation for those artists and their art.

Johnny-on the left-the blower's assistant and the newly-created fish!

From there, went downtown Cabo and shopped and we hung out with Donna and Bryan, absolutely wonderful people. Again, I am amazed, not really, at the story of hers, but it’s not mine to tell, but suffice it to say, as I told her several times throughout the day, it was no coincidence that we had met that day, and I truly feel that she is someone we will stay in touch with in the years to come.

After the shopping time, then we headed to San Jose, Cabo, a beautiful place, and definitely more urbanized, as Johnny puts it and that’s where we had lunch. The waiters were so appreciative and humble, and the food was amazing. Over lunch, we got to learn more about Donna and Bryan, who have been together for four years and are not married . . . Yet! 🙂

Me and my new friend, Donna


After lunch, we went to the Mission, and then to several jewelry stores that boasted of the state’s stone, the fire opal, and then, of course, to the tequila tasting station. Did you know they have coffee tasting tequila? It’s kind of thick like cough syrup and tastes kind of like it, too! No thank you, Amigo! Oops, Amiga!

The Mission

Bryan and Donna

By the time we walked through all the stores, and Bryan found a ring for Donna, it was 4:00, ten minutes past our time to head back, but the tour guide was guilty of trying to help Bryan find a deal, too. These guys are all out to help one another, and just for the sake of community. 🙂 🙂

So we all boarded the bus to head back, and Bryan’s and Donna’s stop was before ours. I hugged her to me before she got off and reminded her that our meeting wasn’t coincidence; I would be in touch. As I write this, I can’t help but think that someday in the future, we just may be going to Toronto, Canada!

Whew, I need to go for a run, get a quick weight work-out in and have some breakfast. Hopefully, by then, I’ll get a knock at my door, or my phone will ring telling me the books have arrived! In the meantime, make it a great day, and join me on Monday for the conclusion to Coffee in Cabo! You’ve really been a special part of our Cabo vacation! 🙂







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One Response to “Coffee in Cabo-From Coffee Hour @ Chicklit Power”

  1. Jan Bachelor says:

    It is 5:30pm here in Yucaipa, USA and prayed the books were there for you and they were not on Mexican time.
    How neat the photos of your adventures in Cabo are. You have packed a lot into your time there and got to touch hearts and lives once again. Yep, no coincidences with the Lord in our life, it’s His going before us and preparing the way and the who in our paths. He is awesome, OUR GOD!