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Thanks for joining me for another “Coffee in Cabo” hour, and despite the fact that our trip is over, I still have several things to share with you, so I hope you won’t mind a couple more days of Coffee in Cabo. Grab your coffee and come on in. We left off with a cliff-hanger on Friday, book signing or no book signing? 🙂

Coffee in Cabo

So after our Coffee Hour on Friday, I did go for a quick run on the beach – who am I kidding? No run on the beach is ever quick! You talk about a workout! OMG, it’s only about two miles round trip, but feels like at least ten. My calves were so sore the day after the first time I ran it – oops, there I go, being verbose again! Sorry.

George made us a little breakfast and instead of going for a quick workout in the gym, we opted for a little siesta on the beach, right by the water. I know I’ve said this so many times before, but the sound of the ocean is so soothing for me. The crazy thing about that is that here in Cabo the crashing of the waves often sounds like thunder! Anyway, we stayed for about an hour and a half; by this time, I was one shade darker, and had read some of my homework, another couple chapters out of a book I’m actually reading for pleasure, and when I looked at my watch, it was 11:00. My stomach did a little flip-flop as I realized the time was running out, coming closer to the answer to the million dollar question: Will the books come in time? Just the night before, I had told Mom, I keep thinking I’m hearing 2:00, they’re going to come at 2:00. Mom’s response was, “Don’t they know God’s watching so they better not mess it up?”

We walked the few yards to our patio and went inside. There was no message. My heart sank, just a little. I certainly didn’t feel like going to the gym, so I asked George how he felt about going into town to give Jessica a copy of A Cup of Encouragement for the Day. I needed to be doing something positive to get my mind off of the million dollar question.

We headed out and on our way out, I called Jocelyn to have her track where on the map the books were showing up. When she did tell me where they were, my heart sank, again, a little harder, a little deeper. According to the GPS for UPS, the books were right smack in the middle, in between Tijiuanna and Cabo. If that was accurate, there was no way they would be here in time. I told Jocelyn that, and very optimistically said, I don’t know why it’s happening but I do know in my gut that He’ll bring something beautiful that will glorify HIM – not me – out of it all. At least I had brought 15 copies of the first book. I let hope propel me forward, keeping my heart and mind on the task at hand, getting Jessica her book.

When we walked back to the room where she was, she had a co-worker sitting at her desk, and a couple more were sitting in the little couch right by her nail station. I walked toward her, and recognition lingered in her expression until I got closer and then she smiled her winning smile. BTW, I’m so mad I forgot to get a picture with her! Darn it! Anyway, I handed her the book, and her expression looked a little confused. I said, “Here’s a gift for you from me. It’s my first book.” Keeping in mind that English is not her native language, I turned the book over so she could see the picture on the back. Well, the look she gave me has convinced me that I need a new author photo because it doesn’t really look like me anymore! 🙂

Through a series of broken sentences, she finally realized what I was trying to communicate to her and I bent down to hug her and told her to email me, that she would be in my prayers. The girls all came around to look at the book with her and the last glimpse I got of Jessica and her co-workers was one of joy and excitement.

Mission accomplished! 🙂

We were about halfway back to our resort when my phone rang; it was Jocelyn. “Hi.” I said, “Hi” back. “I’ve got good news and I’ve got bad news,” she said. “Give me the bad news first,” I said matter-of-factly.

“The bad news is the books won’t be there until Monday; the good news is Traci (from Tate) is having 50 more printed and they’ll arrive at your house in three weeks.”

Well, that sent my blood to boiling in a nano second because that wasn’t good news by any means. I have another book signing set for May 4th and all I could think about was losing credibility with so many people because the invitations had just gone out that morning, thanks to Jocelyn’s efficiency! Jocelyn had also been working for two days on the link that they had set up to purchase the book, either through them and/or via E-book, which still was not working. Jocelyn’s voice interrupted my boiling period: “Traci wanted to call you herself and apologize.” I interrupted her. “I can’t talk with her right now because I know my limits. Don’t respond to that request just yet. I need to let Paula know she needs to reject the shipment when it comes. I’ll call you back in a few.”

I hung up just as we began the trek up the steep driveway to the resort. Call me crazy, but I was still hoping I’d wake up and this would all be a bad dream. I said a mental prayer, asking for strength to get through the next few hours, and for the right words to say to people in promoting the missing book.

Deep down inside, a familiar feeling began to form, right in the pit of my stomach. Ugh, it’s the fear again, rising with every passing minute, colliding with the realization that book-signings are such a stretch for me, often catapulting me into a bad place emotionally.

We walked through the doors of Playa Grande as I was mentally arguing with God, our disagreement interrupted when one of the staff saw us and exclaimed, with such happiness, “The books are here.” I looked to where he was pointing and Paula was running toward me. “I just this very second sent you an email to tell you. They just arrived. See, they made it.”

I was speechless and as Paula opened the box and removed the paper, I broke out in tears, so overcome in the moment. I don’t know why I was so surprised as I looked at the clock to see that it was just a few minutes past 2:00!

Join me tomorrow for more Cabo moments,


Cabo sea lions

At the Arch!

George reminiscing at Hotel Finnestera, where we spent our honeymoon!

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3 Responses to “Coffee in Cabo-From Coffee Hour @ Chicklit Power”

  1. Heather Day Gilbert says:

    Oh my word, Evinda, I’ve been waiting for your follow-up post on those books. Thanks for sharing your heart. I can imagine book-signings would be nerve-wracking, and not having books would throw me into a panic too! Sooooo glad all those prayers were answered and the books reached you! It’s so hard when God stretches our faith that far!

  2. Jan Bachelor says:

    Pat called it, huh? In case you ever want to know if the Ministry is of God…well now you know whose hand is guiding all of this “Destination Joyful,” CPM train! ALLLLL ABOARD!

  3. Leigh says:

    God IS faithful! Why do we keep forgetting that?