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Thanks for joining me for more Coffee in Cabo memories. This last one I want to share with you actually has its own title and by the end of this adventure, I’m sure you’ll see why! Grab your coffee and come on in.

Coffee in Cabo

We went into town for the last time on Saturday, finally connecting with a friend we met three trips ago at a restaurant that services the Echo Cat sailboat that we’ve taken out a couple of times. Anyway, he didn’t recognize me either with this new hairdo until I pulled out my license, and then his face broke out with a smile of recognition.

We sat and talked for a few and George asked him if he knew where we could get a duffle bag — we needed something to bring the rest of the books back. He suggested Wal-Mart, which is about an eight-minute bus ride. In all the visits to Cabo, we’ve never taken the bus anywhere. Well, he talked us into it and you talk about unforeseen adventure!

We headed up the boulevard looking for something that resembled a bus stop. We stopped by one of the hundreds of tour guide booths and asked the guy, which way to the bus for WalMart? He pointed straight ahead, and told us to make sure and look on the window of the bus because the stops they make are written on the window in what looks like white shoe polish, not like our nice, legible, electronic signs at the tip of the window that tell the rider where the bus is going.

We walked to what looked like a bus stop only to find out, after listening to a husband and wife argue angrily, that the bus stop was the block before! Seriously, they were yelling in such a way that the poor lady who had been sitting there begged them to stop. 🙁

We walked back the way we came. We asked a girl walking by, and she pointed to a street, which we went down, and saw nothing. At this point, I’m feeling the frustration of the obvious language and cultural barrier; trust me. Oh, if I had time, I’d enroll in a Spanish class! 🙂

By then, my head was pounding and George was ready to go back to the room. All of a sudden, we see a bus turn the corner of the street we’re on and I started running while shouting, “There’s the bus.”

George started laughing and I heard him begin to follow me. I looked for the words “Wal-Mart,” which were on the window, and just to confirm, I asked the driver, “tu es Wal-Mart?” to which he nodded, “Si.”

We jumped on, relieved and so the ride began, and if I were to compare it with anything, it would be an old-fashioned wooden roller coaster, especially as the bus wound its way around the freeway entrance, which was incredibly steep, sending the feeling through me that we were going to topple over. I looked back and literally stopped breathing until we were on a straightaway!

A couple of minutes later, the bus stopped across the street from Wal-Mart. I breathed a sigh of relief, thankful that this adventure was over, thinking we would have no problem getting back the way we came. Was I ever wrong . . . AGAIN! 🙂 🙂

Join me tomorrow for more of this Cabo adventure!

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