Coffee In Cabo-From Coffee Hour @ Chicklit Power

Happy Monday and thanks so much for joining me today for our coffee hour! This week is very special because we’re having coffee in Cabo San Lucas at our vacation timeshare at the Playa Grande Resort. Grab your coffee and come on in and I’ll share a sort of journal entry for you.

As I share this coffee hour with you, the background noise is the sound of the crashing waves on God’s ocean floor. This is a sound that never, ever fails to refresh my soul!. Oh, what a feeling! I had no idea my soul was so thirsty for this! After much hard work, a long drive to LAX, 2.18 hours of flying, zooming through customs, despite a tube that carries the metal pole to hang the book-signing sign – which they asked if we could beat someone with it to death in order to approve it to be carried on the plane! 🙂 — a 45 minute drive to the resort, made even more pleasant by some people we met, and finally we are here in Cabo and though it was such a short flight, we feel as though we are on another planet. I guess that means we really needed a break, huh! 🙂

As soon as we pulled up to the resort, we recognized several faces, and they recognized us. They are so kind here, so willing to serve and make sure their guests are comfortable and happy. Within minutes, they had taken our luggage and our valet guys were waiting for us after we had checked in, which included seeing the girls who welcome  the guests and give the welcome packages — and talk you into another timeshare presentation — They were genuinely happy to see us again, a few of them coming up to me, asking if I changed my hair, telling me they had read their Cup of Encouragement, and that they were very excited  about the book signing coming up on Wednesday. My heart was so squeezed with humility and appreciation! He knows what I need when  I need it. 🙂

Yes, I am blessed, too blessed to be stressed, though days ago, it felt like the other way around, as some of you know. 🙂 I promise to post some pics for our coffee hour tomorrow. But for now, if you’re in need of some thirst quenching for your soul, think of your favorite place to be and go there in your mind, if even just for a few minutes. And make sure to invite our Father.

I just wanted to say I’m glad there’s you to share coffee hour with, and please, join me tomorrow for a sweet time entitled, “Who’s your Beth?”

Love, laughter and rejuvenation


P.S. Mom, I’m trying to figure out why my phone’s not working but know that I am safe and sound! Love you… Neenie, please pass it on that we’re safe, and when I can figure out how to make the phone work, I will! 🙂 Suzanne, have an amazing day, stay balanced, and remember your quiet time!  Jocelyn, so good to know you’re behind the desk  taking care of it all. I couldn’t be here without you there! Love you all!

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3 Responses to “Coffee In Cabo-From Coffee Hour @ Chicklit Power”

  1. Barbara Vincent-Bell says:

    Glad you made it safely. Look forward to your daily Coffee Hour!!! Blessings & More

  2. Jocelyn says:

    I’m glad everything went so smoothly for you guys! Hahaha I pictured one of you trying to “beat someone to death” with that sign when I read that part ;P All the sound of the waves makes me want to go to the beach! you know, maybe I’ll just go right now! (just kidding! haha) Hope you guys have a fun and safe time!
    Love you!

  3. Jan Bachelor says:

    Oh Happy day you’re finally away! Know you will do well with your book and let’s not forget “beloved” George, whose vacation it is also. The important focus of this time is about each other with a “touch” of book. Don’t make George use the sign for purposes that could cause an arrest warrant. Don’t think we have an extradition agreement down there. Ha Have sooooooo much fun! Love Ya Mucho, Nanny-Mom