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Coffee in Kauai

Thanks so much for joining me today for a little break. Grab your coffee and come on in away from all the distractions of life.

Though you and I are in separate places, I want so much to capture these moments in a way that will bring you here with me, so you really feel as though you’ve had a great break away for a little while. As I write this for you, imagine the sound of the ocean. Today, it is fairly calm; the waters coming in and going back out ever so gently. Yes, it’s a new day and the sun is glistening on the waters and the waves look as though they are dancing, swaying back and for the, side to side. As the sun dances on the water, it causes it to sort of twinkle and it is so sparkly, so happy. Oh, this is truly my favorite place to write, on the sand, close to the water, but not so close as to have to move any time soon.

So where were we? Oh, that’s right. We were at the King’s Bath, as I’ve named it, the one Rodney found. I had just taken a little swim in it but didn’t really stay long because of my fear and because it was cold. But when Cheryl went in, despite her giant fear of not being able to touch the ocean floor, the little girl in me yearned to overcome my fear.

Maybe that’s why when Rodney came up with his brilliant idea of me jumping in with George to my left jumping slightly over me, I entertained it in my mind for a few minutes. And I know that he was able to see me thinking so he threw the final sucker punch: You could blog about this and getting over your fear.”

That’s it; I was convinced. As I stood to get ready, he started to direct this little mini movie by telling Cheryl where to stand exactly to get the picture, explaining to George exactly where, when and how to jump, and my instructions were simple: Just jump right here. He pointed. Just sort of skim the water, like a belly—flop, but not really. Oh that’s as clear as muddy water, I thought.

Dear God . . .

The countdown began. And it stopped. “Hey, aren’t you going to pray?” Rodney asked. I came to me senses long enough to do just that. “I can do all things through Christ Jesus who strengthens me,” I exclaimed. And then I added, “Thank you, Jesus.”

“One, two, three!” And I jumped ever so gracefully and I went down pretty far and came up hooting and hollering. “I did it; I did it!” I even managed to swim for a minute or two more before hurrying to that rock that had the hole for my hand. Then it was Rodney and Cheryl’s turn, but not before Rodney staged it first!

Oh, what a feeling, to have overcome yet another fear, accepted another challenge. I was ready for more adventure. After our hike back down from King’s Bath, we went to a Beach George and I have always liked, a little semi-private beach that you can drive your car up to and we hung out there for a while. Again, seeing Cheryl out there in the waves, conquering her fears with such a child-like happiness and giddiness stirred me away from my own fears and into the water with her. I grabbed the boogie-board and headed for the waves much more aggressively than I did the day before, determining in my heart that fear was not going to steal any more fun from me. Yes, The Lord is restoring all that the locusts have stolen from me in years past, and though my body may be growing older exteriorly each day, I am being renewed inwardly, preparing for beauty even beyond Kauai.

Join me Monday for more Coffee in Kauai.




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One Response to “Coffee in Kauai From Coffee Hour @ Chicklit Power”

  1. Jan Bachelor says:

    Good girls I am proud of you both. I mean really, you haven’t even mentioned all the creatures that live in those waters Ha!