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Coffee Hour @ Chicklit Power...

Coffee Hour @ Chicklit Power…

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Thank you for joining me this Thursday for some more insight into Jesus’ sense of humor, and His desire to instill it into each of us, allowing it to chisel away at the hard parts of our hearts that His love letters and lessons would plant on good and healthy soil and root, producing fruit that is evidenced by others in joy and laughter! Grab your coffee and let’s go to our conclusion of Laugh with Me!

In the prior blogs, I’ve tried to show that Jesus embraced humor just as much as he embodied forgiveness, compassion and hope.  Almost every parable was a call ringing with humor for accountability, while informing with a pure heart His intention for change and conversion. Never, ever did Jesus expose immorality of any kind in all the sins He confronted with an intent to embarrass or condemn but to illuminate and transform. He always did it in gentleness, and more often than not, He did soften the lesson with laughter. See, He knew their/our sin was covered by the sacrifice He was sent to be for all sin. I can’t help but wonder if sometimes He didn’t laugh not necessarily at them/us, but with a sort of “When will they get it” attitude.

When we take ourselves too seriously, and/or all that happens in our life, or about our life, we commit perhaps one of the saddest but most common sins: self-reliance rather than God-reliance. When we take the time to sit with Him and read about His ministry recorded in the Gospels, and soak up those lessons laced with humor and laughter, perhaps we will be more likely to let go of the grip of seriousness which breeds independence! When I think of myself without God, doing anything without Him, I can now laugh because it’s ludicrous to think about!

So why is it that the humor of Jesus is so pervasively ignored? Are you afraid to laugh in the presence of your/our Creator? Do you think He only smiles when you are behaving your best or giving your all? Oh, to not shy away from visions of our Lord smiling and joking and engaging us in laughter.

Laughter is so good for the soul. It allows us to confront the hard things of life with grace and composure. Without humor, life would be unbearable. God Himself allows humor as a means to deal with the burdens of life so as to not stay stuck! Laughter really can move us forward!

Please don’t think I am trying to make Jesus out to be a comedian and compare Him to other comedians. My heart’s desire is to encourage us to see and hear the humor found in the spiritual truths and messages of our Savior with some new eyes and ears, to discover a new aspect of His divine brilliance and to meet Him with renewed joy and laughter in our hearts. May we continue to take our purpose in this life seriously while embracing the gift of laughter!

Smiling from the inside out . . .

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P.S. Next week we will have our May WOW! Join me tomorrow for Power Friday!

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