Cover your Mouth-From Coffee Hour @ Chicklit Power January’s WOW

Welcome to Coffee Hour with Chicklit Power and thank you for joining me for a little break today and the conclusion of our monthly WOW, “Cover your Mouth.” Grab your coffee and come on in.

I’m not really ready to share all the details of what is happening, but let me say, without sounding negative, critical, judgmental and/or like I am complaining, that I am being stretched in ways I didn’t realize needed stretching and the stretching has brought more tears than I care to admit. As a matter of fact, as I type/write this, I’m crying, because of the situation/season that began just two days ago but I will not break the fast! 🙂  Nor will the guard at the door of my mouth allow me to! 🙂

What is challenging, though,  is that a word fast doesn’t mean the verbal words only, but it includes the typed-written words, too! So it’s not just my tongue being tied and tamed, in a manner of speaking, but my hands feel a bit tied as well and writing has always been a way to express what I’m “feeling.” 🙂 🙁 🙂  And that’s not a complaint! 🙂

This is a season for a word fast for me. There’s no other way I will be able to maneuver through this without constantly practicing His presence and being ever so conscious of my words.

Did you know that there is a “fast of words” mentioned in the Bible? Uh-huh, sure is, right there in Isaiah 58:9b -12, which lists not pointing fingers in judgment – remember, there’s four more pointing back at you and if you’re finger-pointing, that means you’re not covering your mouth. And doing both at the same time doesn’t count! 🙂 I think I just made myself smile as I got a visual of that one! Anyway, the verses go on to explain the blessings for the conditions met.

I was actually sharing that with someone the other day and they – oops, can’t go there! I need to cover my mouth. 🙂 No ifs, ands, ors about it; this is going to be an interesting 40 days, and I’ll be sure to hold myself accountable to you when it’s done! In the mean time, would you please hold me up in prayer!

Many thanks from my heart, and my mouth!



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