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Coffee Hour @ Chicklit Power...

Coffee Hour @ Chicklit Power…

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Thanks so much for taking time out of your busy day to join me and tune out all the distractions of life. Grab your coffee and let’s go stir up some more ingredients in our pot of joy. Did you notice I got rid of the “cup” of joy? I don’t know about you, but I need a big pot of this stuff; besides, there are more than a cupful of ingredients that make up this awe-inspiring gift of joy.

Don’t you just love walking into a home that is filled with the sweet smells of baking, or the mouth-watering smells of an awesome home cooked dinner? The aroma is an awesome gift and a reward of the actual cooking. After the last bite is had, the aroma, mixed with the wonderful memories made while eating it, still linger like an aphrodisiac. So it is with joy! See, true joy always follows a spiritual victory!

I can think of so many spiritual victories that while I was walking in the midst of the battlefield, physically, emotionally and spiritually weary but faith-ing (rhymes with bathing) thru it, victory was nowhere in sight and let me tell you, when God brought me to the top of the mountain, and He has never failed to do just that, the joy was unmistakable!

And our God is so faithful, so dependable! He hasn’t changed His promises, even through my son’s moved to Texas! There is no way in h-e double toothpicks that I wanted him and his family to move so far away from us, but I’ll tell you what: there have been at least four spiritual victories since this whole nightmare became a reality! So joy does follow a spiritual victory!

Sure, I can’t help but wonder couldn’t He have accomplished these victories differently? But then I remind myself what His answer is: “My ways are not your ways,” [Isaiah 55:8] so I’ll trust Him … again and again. I trust His promises, each and every one that I have committed to my heart and that have come true in my life. I trust that His love for my son is greater than mine. I trust that He cares about my soul-deep dream, to have my own family blended healthily, each and every one of us. So the major spiritual victory that is causing me to soar on wings of an eagle is knowing that I truly trust Him enough to let Him do His job, knowing that I may not like it right now, but someday I’m gonna look back and marvel at all the beauty He worked into this painful transition!

How about you; can you relate to rejoicing in a tough time, being able to find something to rejoice over, and then getting through it and seeing so much beauty out of it that you are filled with joy? I’d love to hear about it.

Tearfully joyful,

good-bye is so hard ...

letting go is so hard …


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