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Coffee Hour @ Chicklit Power...

Coffee Hour @ Chicklit Power…

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Oh happy day to you! I’m truly enjoying riding on the joy track with you, and my prayer is that our joy would be so stirred up that it would come pouring out of us and splashing those who come in contact with us! Grab your coffee, iced or hot, and let’s get back to Job.

We left off with a little bio about Job, and now we are about to head to the destination wherein “joy” is mentioned. Before we do that, I thought it would be relevant to remind you of what we’ve learned thus far on our quest for joy:

1: His joy is in us if we’ve invited Him to clean out and reside in our heart! So no matter what is going on around us or concerning us, it is available!

2: Another truth about joy is that it is usually a representation of the abstract feeling or concept, and that abstract feeling moves us into action! So joy moves us away from ourselves!

3: Joy inspires us to give, to share with others. Joy stirs up compassion for others. Joy causes us to rejoice. You cannot rejoice without joy!

4: Joy always follows a spiritual victory!

5: Joy follows Godly sorrow!

6: Joy carries us up and away from our fears!

Whew, there sure are a lot of ingredients in this pot of joy so far! Now let’s return to the life of Job. The theme for Job’s life is described in this way: it is better to know God than to know all the answers to life’s most complicated questions, circumstances, trials and tribulations. Some of us who read Job might not see that God is unconditionally loving and caring and I must confess that that opinion is valid WITHOUT the spiritual self who is able to recognize many of God’s promises in the life of Job. It is only with a spiritual perception are we able to understand that God’s ways are not our ways [Isaiah 55:8-9] and in order to continue the refining process, pain is inevitable, but not used as a punishment. Our God is not a cause and effect God!

Let’s go to Job 8:19, the first of the joy stops in this amazing book of Job. “Behold, this is the joy of HIS way, and out of the earth others will grow.”

What in the world … There are no cross-references or even notes at the bottom for that matter. Okay, time to grab our shovels.

So the Hebrew concordance says joy in this context means “delight, (the cause or object).” Hmm, that’s about as clear as mud! I’m thinking we need to read a couple more verses to get the context, but for now, let me leave you with this: When is the last time you felt your joy stirred up and what was the cause of the stirring?


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