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Coffee Hour @ Chicklit Power...

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What is a divine appointment and what makes it divine? I pondered this question as I went for a run my first morning in New Jersey, and I happened to be there as a result of a divine appointment! I realized something so poignantly true: In order to recognize a divine appointment, you must show up for your first appointment! And that first appointment is with our Creator, our Provider; our loving Heavenly Father who patiently waits to be invited into your day, to open up the eyes of your heart with a promise or two and bring hope into any circumstance. As a result of making that my first appointment of the day, a practice I’ve been keeping for several years now, I can look back and remember many divine appointments! 🙂

That’s why I thought it would be fun to begin an ongoing blog on this subject, so we can share divine appointments. Divine appointments help us to recognize the hand of God in our lives and when we recognize the divine hand of God in our lives, we are encouraged, inspired and able to show up for any assignment.

So I was invited to Vineland, New Jersey, as a result of a divine appointment, to be a keynote speaker for a “Women that Transcend” conference and I came ready to serve, excited to see what He was up to, humbled that He desired to use the likes of me. The trip was full of wonderful surprises, and God used our hosts, Ruben & Sandrie Bermudez (Mayor and First Lady of Vineland) in ways that I’m sure will have a ripple effect in our lives.

But let me go back to our first divine appointment of this trip, which happened at the Ontario Airport. We came in to check our bags in but there were also a couple of problems we needed to take care of: First, my husband and I were not seated together. Now, that may not seem so bad, but I kind of like my husband, at least most of the time, but I need my husband on a flight! See, I tend to get panic attacks on airplanes! Secondly, my boarding pass for our connecting flight said “See Attendant” in the “Seat” section. In other words, I did not have a seat!

Now, we all know that machines are replacing people, at least that’s what they are trying to do, and I was trying desperately to check us in and our bags too but was having a bit of a problem due to the aforementioned issues. But thank God there was one lady there and I just very matter-of-factly said, “I’m getting a bit nervous here and not sure how to handle this.”

She came around from the counter immediately and with a warm sense of humor and a genuine desire to help, and she pushed some buttons, got a funny look on her face, and then began to push cancel, cancel, cancel. She took my United credit card and within a couple of minutes found the problem, checked us both in for the first flight and put us together, then upgraded us for more leg room on the second flight, which was something else I had whined about, and then proceeded to inform us that both of our bags were free!

As she was finishing up, I went over to George’s carry-on, heavy-laden with books, and grabbed out A Cup of Hope for her, signed it after asking how to spell her name, and handed it to her. I told her I prayed for a resolution that morning and God blessed me with an angel!

Her smile meant just as much to me as the ability to sit with my husband and stretch out our legs, which went a long way in lessening my anxiety! I have flying anxiety; trust me! God is so concerned about all that concerns us [Psalms 138:8] and when we are about His business, He’s all about ours!

Join me tomorrow for more of the Destination? Joyful! series but keep checking in for more divine appointments next week!

Looking for the hand of God …

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