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Coffee Hour!

It’s that time again, time for a little coffee break, and I’m so glad you stopped by! Thank you. I am still reeling with excitement every time I think of what I now know and understand to be a divine appointment. Grab your coffee and come on in.

I just don’t know where to start so I guess I better go back to the beginning and then bring you up to this past Saturday and all that I experienced. And when our time is finished today, hopefully you will be able to remember not only your last divine appointment, but what led up to it!

After a conference call with my publicist last Tuesday, I have to tell you, I became overwhelmed and disheartened because of all these things she suggested I do to build relationships, follow up and hopefully sell books. We agreed that the best way to do this was through Girls’ Nights Out, or through speaking engagements. I let her know that my assistant and I made a list of churches within the Inland Empire thinking she could call them for me first, and then I would do follow-up and send out speaker sheets, perhaps a copy of either of my books. Her response shocked me: We don’t call churches anymore, especially the bigger ones. She said they get so many calls of this type, so it’s best that the author call them. 🙁 She went on to say that I also needed to build relationships with the media contacts she had sent me (240-something of them) but to start with a few at a time! Seriously?

Back to Single by Evinda Lepins

The Book that started it all is RELEASED!

I hung up the phone, as I said, heavyhearted. When is a girl supposed to write if she has to do all this other stuff? I knew I was at a place in my head that I needed to take a break, step back so I would know how and when to step forward. I looked at the list of churches that Jocelyn and I had started and I made a mental note to call my girlfriend, Heather. She and her husband are the pastors over at the Rock in Riverside. I had actually meant to call her a couple weeks prior, just to catch up on life, but life had gotten in the way!

The next morning during my quiet time, I asked Him for help, guidance. I pleaded with Him to help me not to try and bang doors down, but to allow Him to open them. See, the task of trying to build relationships with media people, and call churches too seeking an invitation to come and speak in the midst of this season of becoming legal guardian to our little grandson just didn’t seem like His will. “Do I need an agent, Father?” I asked aloud — this is a little detour, but trust me, it’s worth it.

When I finished my quiet time, I went downstairs into the office and checked my personal email. There was an email from a network called Linkedin and a Kimberly Shumate, and for some reason name was ringing a bell of familiarity. I opened up the email and gasped. Kimberly Shumate is an agent from Living Word Literary Agency! So that’s a little diamond that sparkled of hope, but I’ll let you know what happens with that in another coffee hour.

I called my girlfriend Heather. She answered right away, and we did catch up. She asked me about our last event, to which I told her it was amazing, the largest attendance, and the most powerful. That led to me asking her if I could come share that same event at her church, because I had enough left over material to do so. She immediately said yes; we decided on a date and that was that! 🙂

You might think that’s the ending of what I want to share, but hang on, there’s more! She began to tell me about something she was doing that following Saturday. I could tell she was super excited because she was talking so fast I was probably only getting every third or fourth word, but it wasn’t like I was on the record court reporting and could ask her to slow down. I didn’t dare tell her I wasn’t getting the whole story; that is until she started talking about this amazing woman, Pastor Paula. And then I tuned in as if my life depended upon it.

Paula started a foundation in 2006 called Forgotten Children, an organization dedicated to actively demolishing human trafficking and prostitution and she had shared with Heather an experience with a girl named Rachel that had a tragic ending. Rachel’s life inspired Paula to take her ministry – which at that time was limited to a street ministry – to a higher level, one that would provide refuge for these victims.

As soon as I heard the words human trafficking, I pressed my ear harder into the phone, as if that could make me hear it any better! See, I had been looking for an organization to give a tithe of my next book — “A Cup of Hope for the Day” — to. I wanted an organization that was dealing with this horrific crime in our cities, not just internationally.

Heather’s next words really got my attention: “… so all these churches are coming together, not just one church, but from all over the Inland Empire, and we’re meeting this Saturday to adopt a room. Everything will be brand new, nothing used, so these girls feel loved and –

I interrupted her. “Heather, I’ve been looking for an organization to give a portion of the proceeds of my next book to and I think He just gave it to me. Can I go with you this Saturday?”

Well that sent her to super turbo excited, and within the hour, she made the necessary phone calls and arranged for me to meet the founder of Forgotten Children, Inc., which is the umbrella, if you will for a new refuge opening for trafficked victims. That refuge is coming to life and Paula is calling it “Rachel’s House”! As I think about Rachel’s tragic ending, I can’t help but add it’s not really an ending; her tragic ending was just the beginning of something so beautiful that Rachel will always be remembered, and never forgotten.

Beginning next Wednesday, I’ll be posting a blog pertaining to Rachel’s House. See, this divine appointment of finding the organization to donate a tithe of the next book is leading to the opening of other doors that only He could have opened! Wasn’t that the cry of my heart just days ago?!

Thanks for hanging in there with me a bit longer today for our break! I hope your heart got a squeeze of hope and that the reality of the truth that His ways are not our ways rings true in your today and your tomorrow! Be looking for those divine appointments. 🙂




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One Response to “Divine Appointment-From Coffee Hour @ Chicklit Power”

  1. Jan Bachelor says:

    Oh Glory to God! Another day to praise Him and His way in our lives. I dearly love this “Rachel’s House” ministry outreach and it sounds like a wonderful program to support. Just as He promised us favor, right time right place, we get to see once again that “divine” gift arrive. Grateful are we for how we step out on rocks and before our foot hits the ground He has made it into a mosaic of blessings. Love It