Embracing the Waves of Change

Coffee Hour @ Chicklit Power...

Coffee Hour @ Chicklit Power…

EL pen Logo with heartWow, we are just a couple of days away! Whew, grab your coffee, or whatever you’re having and come on inside. I still have so much to share with you before our celebration is here…but I won’t keep you long! Grab your SOF too, and let’s tie some knots in our strand of faith about change!  So as we have been planning and working together for this celebration, we have experienced some of the greatest challenges regarding change…unbelievable! God has such a great sense of humor and knows me well. He wants me to continue to talk from my heart to yours, to speak from experience transparently.

As I was researching some of the greatest challenges as it relates to change, I couldn’t believe how many I’d encountered and gone through; some I sailed through and some I crawled through, completely on my knees, with much resistance! 🙂  Many researches do these stress scales based on life-changing events and for each change, the assess the amount of points  (I don’t know how they come up with the point system) allotted for that event. On this particular site, this group of psychologist/psychiatrist had approximately 63 life changing events and while I won’t give you all 63 – we’d be here all day! – I thought it would be interesting to list the top ten stressors/life changes and their point value.

  1. Death of a spouse was given the highest point value: 100!
  2. Divorce was next with a point value of 73.
  3. Marital separation was next with a point value of 65
  4. Imprisonment – hmmm, I wonder how many of these were marriage-related – with a point value of 63
  5. Death of a close family member tied with #4
  6. Personal injury or illness scored 53
  7. Marriage itself had a score of 50, confirming marriage is tough…but is also a beautiful teacher in the classroom of life, if we are willing to learn!
  8. Dismissal from work was scored at 47
  9. Marital reconciliation – hmmm, that’s interesting scored at 45. Could insecurity, fear of failure be why that’s even a stressor?
  10. Retirement is the last of the 10…but there are some other good ones, and retirement tied with marital reconciliation at 45.

Now, I don’t wish to leave you with stress…so let me give you a powerful quote about change…and I pray you will join us for this life-changing event on how to embrace change…oh, and don’t forget, there’s a concert featuring Bryan Duncan and brunch too!

Progress is impossible with change and those who cannot change their minds cannot change anything!

(George Bernard Shaw)


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Get your tickets today…they’re $5 more at the door!  http://chicklitpower.com/events/anniversaryparty/


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