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Welcome to Faith Filled Fridays! Have you ever had to talk yourself into an attitude of gratitude? Oh I know I have! Grab your beverage and join John as he shares a time such as this!

Day of Thx…

Despite the pain that takes so many away from me, I am learning that I can still have a great day. For example, after working, here’s what I thought: Nothing like going to work for an honest day’s wage. Thereafter, going for a small walk I was grateful for many things, a time to clear my head and think upon those things I need to be grateful for.

Then, when I came home I was given an opportunity to help a friend fix her son’s car, which also gave us a chance to visit and catch up on our friendship. I just really love being with other people.

Afterwards, when I walked home, I took in the beauty of yet another sunset. Wow, breathtaking, a moment that literally took my breath away, and how grateful I am that He gives me the ability to capture it with a camera!

I took the time to read an old National Geographic I previously overlooked and then it was time to get to bed for a few hours rest. Despite not having the things in life I dream of having… a family of my own to include four- legged family member as well, I felt…content. Another thing I felt was hope. All these things my heart desires, because of Who my hope is in, I know they could happen.

For now I thank God above for a good day.

Have a great day everyone. Just think, we’re alive and taking our fair share of the O2!


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