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It Could Happen!

Hello everyone! Hope everyone has had a good week. I found myself thinking a lot this week about how healing takes shape from heartbreak. I was caught up in thinking about just how it all comes together. It brought on a ton of thoughts and even a little bit of pain but writing this blog for me is ultimately a part of my own healing. So grab your favorite beverage and join me.

I have come up short so many times in love. It’s hard to not give up on the possibility that someone is out there for me; though I must admit I have grown quite weary and tired from heartbreak. It’s hard to recover when it strips my emotions to the bone. Not even an enemy can hurt us as bad as those we love!  Mere hateful words from a loved one can last longer than an insult from a stranger.

Long ago I realized I can only be “All In” and nothing else in a relationship. It doesn’t mean I get to have everything my way. It means I am willing to work extremely hard at something worthwhile. The ability to compromise is one of love’s greatest tools. Compromise starts by sometimes closing the mouth and listening. Ears are another set of brilliant tools God gave us to love with.
To love partially; is that really love, then? Love is meant for so much more than just only in the good times. I believe that love has its adversities and challenges naturally, but how else can we grow?  Down deep in our subconscious we benefit in knowing despite arguing with the ones we love, that they won’t leave us behind. God knows I long for that in a partner, a life-long partner.
We don’t always get back what we put into love… nor should we expect to. We surely cannot keep scores or stats on this tie that binds us. Nor can you judge them by it. I have loved people who want to love entirely, to trust it unconsciously but simply can’t because the fear of being vulnerable is too much to handle or take on. Oh, the feeling of loving someone enough to look past the fear, to be all in…I wish we could all love and be loved that way
Vulnerability feeds the emotional freedom you feel while “IN” love. I want to be a better man day by day… to learn to trust again, to be brave enough to take the risk and I realize that because I’ve been beaten down with heartbreak… again and again and yet over again, prayer will be my companion. It is in and through prayer that hope will rise and with it comes not only the possibility to love and be loved… but also healing. God surely made us to love and respect one another. I’m learning that part of the healing is surrendering it to God… that in HIS time IT COULD HAPPEN! 🙂

May we all be blessed by the love & respect we give and share with others. 🙂
~John Tam

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