Faith Filled Friday


Welcome back to another Faith Filled Friday everyone! Hope you’ve had a brilliant week. 🙂

This last week I felt a need to drive somewhere, head off anywhere so as to not stay perched between the walls of my home. As I took off I had an idea that I would not pick my destination, but instead if I saw a bird go flying by, I’d turn and go in the same direction. I didn’t know where the birds would lead me, but my eyes were certainly open to this new adventure. The thought that I’d let free birds take the steering wheel was just fun to me.

So there I was driving and a bird would cross the horizon and I’d then turn to follow its lead, and several times I found myself on dead-end country roads; it happened over and over again. Although I was enjoying the ride I wanted to end up somewhere other than where I was. It was a little frustrating for a while. After several times over several hours I was once again coming to a dead-end road. This time I needed to stop and get out so I could stretch my legs. After walking for a bit I sat down on a patch of grass beside the road and a thought came over me. Why had I been so frustrated ending up on several dead-end roads? Was I frustrated with the birds?

As I sat there pondering these questions, I noticed a cool breeze came up and I could hear it blowing through the leaves of a nearby tree. It dawned on me in that moment that peace was everywhere around me. There was no politics in the background, no sounds of anything man made. I felt so incredibly free. The sun was nearing its setting when I saw a hawk gliding in the wind above. It was an incredible sight to see but also to feel. Enough wind for the hawk to not have to hardly flap his wings…he just soared, and soared and as he did I had this feeling of emotion come over me and it made so much sense.

In life we can drive toward goals, love, events, adventures, only to arise at the end of a road. But maybe that’s not such a bad thing? Maybe it’s God answering a prayer? Maybe He’s trying to show us something? Maybe He’s just trying to quiet the white noise of the world because we needed it more than we realized. But after that little adventure, I have come to realize it just might be a way He inspires so we can talk with Him.

For me, that hawk had enough wind beneath his wings to lift us both, and I felt blessed for I breathe this same air into my lungs and ride the wind of life. I know I need to try harder to let God in my life like that more often. Just trusting in the Creator of the free birds, taking their lead… to have faith like the wind beneath their wings and perhaps even the peace once can discover at the end of a dead end road…

Much love everyone… God bless

John Tam

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