Faith Filled Friday


Oh, friends, if you’re a pet lover, you’re really going to relate with this blog today. I too believe that God uses four-legged friends for many, many things in our faith journey…one of them being learning to be vulnerable! Grab your favorite beverage and join us for a sweet time!

Welcome back everyone to another Faith Filled Friday!

So I thought I’d share some pretty exciting news here: After going two years since I lost my best friend Bella (my dog), I have decided to take on a kitten. This is a big step for me. I am not the kind of person to fill the painful loss and void with just another. I loved my dog Bella with every part of me. She was the most loyal friend and she was always there for me, even eager to warm my cold feet. I think for many of us in the world when we have troubles connecting with people we confide in our four-legged family members quite a bit. Animals have a unique way of filling in the voids that come our way in the world. I was incredibly blessed that God brought that dog into my life. I miss her dearly but I feel that the time has come to bring a family member into this home. I have actually been quite excited and found myself even surfing through the pages of Amazon and heading to a pet store to get a few things. The anticipation is building and I still have a month and a half of waiting before I bring the lil’ guy home. I just couldn’t help myself.

I have always wanted to be good to any pet I have had because I want to bond with them. This leads me to read up extensively, so that I may fully understand what I am getting into, but mostly to gather the knowledge and figure out how I am going to put it together to create the best and overall experience for the both of us.

This really got me to thinking about God and how in creating our world, all of the thought and love that He put into understanding that mankind would fair very well with companions like four-legged pets. Someone once asked me: “Where do you see God the most when you look at the world?” I remember thinking how blessed I was to have that dog named Bella. She brought me so much love and joy. I feel she really got me and I got her. I can’t explain what it was like to know that I had a living thing that never wanted to leave me, especially considering all of my abandonment issues rooted in my childhood. The concept of something, someone by my side from the starting line to the finish line in life is something so energizing and fulfilling for me.

So now once again I am opening up and laying out the welcome mat to a new family member. A little nervous but mostly excited for a new bonding experience with a new friend. Pray for me folks, if you don’t mind because in opening up this time round, I realize the risk because it’s hard to love when you still feel the loss of one you’ve loved.

Can’t wait to share some pictures with all of you and write about some funny new experiences that come with my new four-legged family member.

Much love everyone… till next week…and remember, love and laugh as much you can.


P.S. And since I think the Big Man upstairs might read my blog post, I’d like to thank Him for helping me heal enough to open up my heart once again. 😉 Let me leave you with this question: In what way do you need to become vulnerable again?

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