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The other day, I got a very profound text from a Transformer asking how does one stop trying to be a control freak and quit holding their family hostage. This Transformer went on to share that they would like their family to be held together by love, not fear.

I went on to explain that the efforts to control everything and everyone are driven by a need that is not being met. What is it that we are in need of whenever we feel the need to control others, or our surroundings, or our circumstances? It’s not enough to suggest that control is a delusion. I mean, this person really wants an answer and while the answer is somewhat simple, the solution takes work: paying attention consistently to the emotional dashboard.

See, we all have an emotional dashboard that flashes with warning signs, just like our cars. But how often do we stop and pay attention to them? It’s because we don’t that we cause many emotional wrecks.

This power thought is inspired by this Transformer and this complex subject of control.

Those who try to control others are driven by a need that often winds up in an emotional wreck hitting all involved in their world if not addressed!

Oh, that we would surrender control to the One who is really  in control!


kim L

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