Faith Filled Fridays

John Tam

Welcome to Faith-Filled Fridays and John’s faith journey! I just love how he shares his heart…and his gift of photography. The Orlando tragedy is still fresh in the hearts and minds of many. I hope you enjoy what John shares about tragedy…and faith!

I grabbed this photograph while thinking about the tragedy in Orlando. For me, still seeing a rising sun doing its best to pierce the clouds is a promise that God has not forgotten us. It assures me that there is still something more than all the evil here combined, here upon this spinning sphere in which so much pain & hurtful things unfortunately run their unpredictable course. Here within us.

For me I find it so incredibly sad that there is so much beauty in our world to be inspired by…we all could get peacefully lost and still find one’s self in over and over again in a better place than before. It’s so hard for me to grip; instead a bitter mind and hardened heart would rather free an ugliness and cruelness to the world than find refuge and love in the Holy Spirit.

May we not shift to hatred ourselves, for we surely lose our way if we do make such a shift. My prayers and condolences go out to the families and friends who lost their loved ones to this darkness of a senseless rage-filled act.

Let us not forget that God’s love and light cry out for them to join Him. Let us capture the promise and light in God’s love despite the cold dark overcast upon us…

God Bless Everyone,

~John Tam

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