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This last couple of weeks has seen an awful lot of sadness, an atrocity where one man could only see the color of a man’s skin and the uniform in which they wore. How sad it makes me that not only in the mind of a man, but of his very heart, a murderous rampage develops and curls such a cold and calculating cold finger upon a heartless trigger. He came to a place where he felt justified by only these two things that mattered to make the yay or nay of whether they live or die.

I spent a lot of time thinking about this man and how he could do such a thing to not only those men but to their families. I spent a lot more time reading up on these heroes who lost their lives protecting their community. It’s in their blood and genetic coding to run toward the fight and not from it.


How lucky we are to live in a country and our local communities where men of all color, religion, free will, make a decision not only when they swear to protect the constitution but to serve and protect us. I wonder how many people really stop, think and really appreciate such an incredible and priceless thing.


As I watched it unfold on television where an officer was on one side of a pillar in a firefight with the active shooter, the shooter charged to one side but then moved back flanking the officer and shooting him down. When that officer fell I was filled with so much despair for him, his family, friends and community. But also because I can feel the world failing more and more… There he was, this hero, standing the line for you, for me, for community and in an instant he perished.


I have known heroes like this and I call them my brothers. They were the very men I served with in the military and if it’s one thing that stands true, they too laid it all on the line. These men are a special breed; they are far and few, but every day they get up and make a decision to protect and serve. As a Veteran I can say this and some of you might not understand — perhaps you will — At that moment and feeling of despair, I soon had another feeling come over me. It was a feeling of love. To know that there are people who care so much about the world in which they are a part of, that they stand a line in no matter the type of fight to protect it.


We need to absorb that kind of love and constantly feed it, validate it, and pray for it to take more real estate not only in the world, our communities but in the very heart of us where we can project it toward a better future for children. To love with an ‘ALL IN’ attitude and nothing short. May we never forget any man or woman who has fallen for what is right in defending… because it is love and it stems from above. Please pray for these men who lost their lives; pray for their families to be embraced by God’s most loving and caring arms.


Pray that we become a nation of people who encourages the world to let go of this hatred…

Much love everyone.


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