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Coffee Hour @ Chicklit Power...

Coffee Hour @ Chicklit Power…

Welcome and glad we could spend a few moments together. Grab your favorite beverage and journal in hopes that today’s blog will create a “new meaning” as we head into this weekend.

For many years we used to get our paychecks at the end of the week, for some, you may receive it every two weeks. Yet no matter how you received it, you went after work to the bank and made a deposit. You physically handed the teller your weeks’ pay to put into your personal account. Gone are those days for most! Now everything is electronically deposited.  No worries of ever losing or misplacing your check, such a convenience.  However this is where my story ends and another picks up; about deposits.

On several occasions I have chosen not to blog on a holiday that usually follows our Friday Coffee Hour but today is going to be different. Yes, Sunday is Father’s Day, as if you didn’t already know; and just in case you didn’t, well, you do now.  I want to paint a picture of a few fathers who have made deposits into lives all through scripture and how it correlates with making those deposits into our lives, today.

When we reflect on a father, we often picture them as our hero, a strong and sturdy, steadfast image. Down through the ages we have heard of many fathers whose works have been noble and inspiring and for some not so noble or inspiring. However we will find that even through those not so great examples, God’s sovereignty still looked beyond their faults and ahead into each of our lives.

So I figured I’d find some examples though God’s word, and of course, the first earthly Father was Adam. Genesis 1:26.

He had no example to follow except God. Although Adam weakened and sin entered this world he did suffer the significance of his actions. God named him the first of all fathers and he certainly has much to teach today’s fathers about the consequences of our actions and the absolute necessity of obeying God.

Next on my list was Noah, a righteous man in spite of all the wickedness that surrounded him. He was far from perfect, but he was humble and protective of his family. He courageously accepted the task which God assigned to him, and carried it through, the building of the Ark. Then I see Abraham who was the Father of the Jewish nation yet in his vulnerability was asked to face a difficult test. Yes, Abraham had weaknesses of impatience, fear, and a tendency to lie under pressure.  But Abraham demonstrated extraordinary faith, trust and obedience to the will of God.

Another father is one that …well, I think was underrated as far as fathers go. His name is Joseph the foster father of Jesus. Joseph had a noble quality and was a righteous man. God honored Joseph’s integrity by entrusting him with a great responsibility to raise the Son of God.

I’ve saved the best for last, God the Father.  When we see God as our heavenly Father He is the perfect example for all earthly fathers He is our provider and protector, and when we see Him as such it puts our life into a whole new perspective. He is holy, just and fair, but above all His most outstanding quality is love and His love motivates everything He does. Whoever does not love does not know God, because God is love. 1 John 4:8

He is personal Father who knows our ever every need. Jesus said God knows us so well he has numbered every hair on our head. Luke 12:7

I love the strengths of God the Father: He is omnipotent (all powerful)…omniscient (all knowing)…and omnipresent (everywhere).

Yes the thought did occur to me that there are those who did not have a father’s image…however just as Joseph was a foster father to Jesus, God has in His omnipotent way allowed Himself to deposit into your life. That’s the love of our Father…there’s not one of us that would be overlooked.

There are many fathers who will be celebrated this weekend and for some they will reflect those who have entered into their eternal home. Nevertheless they were a source of strength and wisdom.

Today or whenever you gather together, take time to pause and reflect on their many attributes and qualities and maybe even their shortcomings and thank them for their gifts that have been deposited into your own life. We truly are the image of our own Father’s. John 14:8-11

Embrace and acknowledge that which has been given to you… just as my own father is, on a personal note, an inspiration to me, I dedicate this blog to him: Happy Blessed Father’s Day… until next week, hold Him close to your heart…

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